10 Thoughts On… Monday Night Raw 11.16.2015 (Dean Ambrose v. Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Breeze v. R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio v. Kalisto)



Silence for Paris: The moment of silence was tasteful as we’ve come to expect from WWE. Not much to say on it other than I’m glad it took place.

Wyatts & Brothers of Destruction Stare Down: The Druids walked down the ramp, leading Kane & Undertaker to the ring. However, when the Wyatts arrive they promised they would take down the Brothers of Destruction. With those ominous words the Druids turned and showed that they were wearing Wyatt family sheep masks. The Druids were fended off by Kane & the Undertaker. This moment of tension and danger could’ve been better done but at the same time at least it wasn’t too drawn out.

Neville v. Kevin Owens (Quarter Final): A good match overall however, while I felt Owens would win (as he did) I was disappointed that Neville was again shoved aside. Adding to it that Neville pulled out all the stops to try and win and Owens hit his finisher and smoothly picked up the win after that I was disappointed to see Neville go down. A good match overall, even if not that long.

Tyler Breeze v. R-Truth: An overall pointless match except to try and make Breeze appear impressive. I wasn’t that impressed since R-Truth, despite his talents, is often jobbed out. I was amused by JBL’s commentary on Breeze having lip balm applied mid-match.

Dean Ambrose v. Dolph Ziggler (Quarterfinal): Probably my favorite match of the night (other than Cesaro and Reigns) as two of the best guys were given time to put on a great match. Each had moments to shine and chances to win, it wasn’t one-sided or obvious who would come out on top. With Ambrose winning it looks like that theories of an Ambrose v. Reigns match will come true but we will see what happens on Sunday. Allowing Ambrose mic time after the win wasn’t a bad move either as he was entertaining and confident.

The New Day v. Ryback & The Usos: Allowing for some classic tag team moments (i.e. the ref not seeing the tag to Ryback) felt good but the match overall wasn’t that great. They could have used this time to further the feud, instead it was a fill-in match which was won when Ryback, showing some passion at least, was DQ’ed for tearing around the ring.

Roman Reigns v. Cesaro (Quarterfinal):  Another fantastic match and, as I said, tied for my favorite match with Ziggler v. Ambrose. These two put on a great match, equally balanced and, despite the rumors that appear to be coming true, it did look like Cesaro might have Reigns’ number. After Reigns was back on the offense and won the match the two competitors shook hands, a sign of respect that many fans, myself included, like seeing.

The Ascension v. The Dudley Boys: I’m not sure when the Dudley’s were pushed aside but I don’t like it. Why bring them back to quickly lower them into near obscurity? The match was fast and rushed and no team was given a chance to shine. A wasted chance overall.

Alberto Del Rio v. Kalisto (Quarterfinal): Too many mistakes to make up for the few good moments in the match it was just bad. While neither competitor is bad in the ring overall, this match up was. Disappointing to see it happen, especially since these two could have given us much better.

Diva’s Championship Contract Signing: Both Divas were strong on the mic but you could tell the second Reid Flair was brought up this was going South. While heart wrenching and difficult to watch, adding fire to the Divas going into Sunday it felt like WWE had hired Triple H to hit every fan in the gut with a sledgehammer. You could tell Charlotte and Paige were uncomfortable discussing Reid and that it was painful. Another step too far in an attempt to add fire to a feud. It was great to see the Divas close the night but it could’ve been done without bringing up those that have passed on.

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