JR Blog: Charlotte and Paige Segment, WWE World Title Tournament Finals Prediction, Thinks WWE Should Be “more creatively unpredictable”


Jim Ross had a new blog talking about Raw and current WWE

on Charlotte and Paige
Lots of emotions being vented about the closing segment involving Charlotte and Paige as they were given the opportunity to close the show on RAW and sell their title bout this Sunday in Atlanta at the Survivor Series. Apparently the script called for Paige, the villain, the invoke the name of Charlotte’s late brother Reid in a less than favorable context that set off a much needed round of physicality. Should the line about Reid have been used? Did WWE cross the line as many vocal dissenters apparently feel? Is reality based content fair game in the world of WWE and pro wresting in general?

on Reigns and Cesaro
Strong outing IMO between Reigns and Cesaro. The “Roman Empire” line is pure pandering and won’t work unless WWE is planning on Reigns joining the Authority eventually because the fans won’t cut Roman a break as in booing him out of the arena when the Roman Empire line is used. This isn’t Austin asking the fans to give him a “Hell, Yeah!”

on WWE World Title Tournament
Looks like it will be Reigns vs. Ambrose in the final the WWE World Title Tournament Sunday but the question is who stabs the other in the back much to the delight of The Authority? It’s important have Authority involved because HHH and Stephanie are both ‘over’ and their ‘rub’ can help others get ‘over’ as well. Or is it Ambrose who becomes the corporate puppet/champion with Reigns chasing him?

on WWE creative
I think that WWE would better serve themselves and their fans if WWE would attempt to become more creatively unpredictable. I know that is easier said than done but when the most talked creative element on the go home show to the historic Survivor Series is a line in a promo at the end of the show one can make an argument that fans are craving different and new and that the fans will still respond to controversy.

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