WWE Breaking Ground Highlights: Bayley’s First Action Figure, Nia Jax, Sami Zayn Takes His First Step back

Breaking Ground

WWE Network: Bayley is presented with her first action figure: WWE Breaking Ground

NXT Superstars undergo full-body scans for an upcoming line of Mattel action figures, while Bayley checks out her own miniature likeness.

WWE Network: Nia Jax anxiously awaits her TV debut: WWE Breaking Ground

With her mother and best friend by her side, Nia Jax looks ahead to her heavily promoted debut on NXT television.

WWE Network: Sami Zayn takes his first step back in a ring: WWE Breaking Ground

Under the watchful eye of the WWE Performance Center’s athletic director, a cautious Sami Zayn practices in the ring for the first time since undergoing shoulder surgery.