Chavo Guerrero Talks Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio, WWE Creative, Whether He Is on Good Terms with WWE

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Chavo Guerrero recently spoke with, here are the highlights…

On The Return of Lucha Underground: “If you saw season 1, you’re going to see more of the same, but better. Now that we’ve actually cut our teeth and know what we’re doing now, we’re going to knock it out of the park. I compare it to the Terminator movies. You see a sequel come out and they’re never as good as the original. Terminator 1 was great, but when Terminator 2 came out it was like ‘Wow, they outdid themselves.’ That’s kind of where we’re out. We have a lot of eyes on us. Not just the people who are following up from season one, but people who are hearing this buzz. We can’t have production values being less than before, or the wrestling less than before. We have to do it, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

On WWE Creative: “They have one cook. That’s the problem. Vince McMahon, maybe Triple H, that’s all they have. These other writers, they take vacations. Freddy Prinze is a friend of mine. He’s an award winning actor-writer who took a hiatus from Hollywood to go take a huge pay cut to write for this show. We quit the exact same day. He knew why I quit. He said ‘I left Hollywood, writing and starring in TV shows because I love wrestling, and all I do is take vacations. We come up with all of these ideas and pitch them, we come in and they get shot down or watered down. The boss wants to do this and we make it work.’ I think that’s the problem. I can talk and talk about it because I’m passionate about it, but our writers aren’t handcuffed. They have range. We can get away with a little more because of El Rey. It’s fun. It makes our show different. Our writers can really show their writing capacity. I told every one of them I didn’t know they were that good at writing because they were never allowed to run. They were held back and tied down. They’re excellent. For us to be on the Emmy radar in the first season, that’s huge. Wrestling has never been like that.”

Is Chavo on Good Terms With WWE?: “I guess, I haven’t really talked to them since I left. I’m on good terms with my agent and producer friends there. I don’t think I’m on bad terms. You never want to burn a bridge in business. So many people don’t want to piss anyone off so they keep everything PC even when they’re not in the organization. I can’t do that. I tell it the way it is. If that gets you in hot water, it gets you in hot water, but you have to respect it. I’m not living my life thinking I have to keep an opportunity open. That’s something I learned from Vince. If I fail at anything, at least I did it my way.”

On Rey Mysterio Joining Lucha Underground: “I have no idea what you’re talking about, that hasn’t even aired yet (laughs). For any organization, that’s like getting a Tom Brady in football. A huge free agent pickup. Where we’re at, where he’s at, it’s such a fit. I’ve heard 20 or 30 times that someone is the next Rey Mysterio. No way. There’s one Rey Mysterio. There are a lot of people who are really good, but one Rey Mysterio. For us to get him, it just worked. He came backstage one time and looked at me and said he’d never seen anything like this. He’s such a great person to work with professionally. We’re really happy to have picked him up, and he’s really happy too.”

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