Jim Ross Blog: Roman Reigns Booed At Fastlane, Shinsuke Nakamura Name Change, Braun Strowman “isn’t ready” For Main Events

Jim Ross had a new blog for February, here are some highlights

on Roman Reigns
Yes I expect that Roman Reigns will be booed at Fast Lane during his main event match versus Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. I can’t explain this booking specifically if WWE still wants Reigns to be WWE’s #1 fan favorite. This booking makes me believe that major creative audibles may be called prior to Wrestlemania Texas. IMO Reigns is guaranteed o be jeered at Fast Lane and the question is will WWE use that organic, real response to provide the fans with what many want or will they steer the course and continue to attempt to establish what many vocal fans seemingly prefer.

on Shinsuke Nakamura’s ring name
I have no issues with WWE changing Shinsuke Nakamura’s ring name if they choose. WWE should own the talent’s names and/or have the legal rights to protect their intellectual property in the show biz world of pro wrestling. It’s sound business and won’t adversely affect how Nakamura gets over with the fans. In the eyes of many, mine too, Nakamura is one of the most gifted talents in the world and brings as much natural charisma to his presentation as any one in the business today.

on Braun Strowman
I never intended to ‘knock’ Braun Strowman but the giant, prospect isn’t ready IMO to face Brock or Taker at Wrestlemania Texas, there’s that term again, but if Strowman is slowly nurtured, is given plenty of one on one matches at WWE live events he can hopefully be ready for the 2017 Wrestlemania if he progresses as one would ideally like. One of the challenges that exists in wrestling is when talents before they are ready. Strowman’s extraordinary size will allow hm to be given an opportunity to develop at a sound, deliberate pace.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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