10 Thoughts on… TNA Impact on Pop TV 02.09.2016 (Matt Hardy, EC3, Beer Money, Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway)


Since TNA relaunched on Pop TV, I’ve been watching it pretty regularly on Tuesday nights. So I figured I’d try a 10 thoughts this week and see how it takes me…

1. The top heel faction of Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Tyrus and baby Maxell is pretty strong… Matt says “Iconic” with some phlegm in his throat was hilarious and Tyrus as baby holder is a funny role.

2. Bram vs Lashley was the first match. Eric Young comes out with Bram. Lashley still has negative charisma… He is wearing a wacky white headband that is somewhat amusing … Also I really dislike Eric Young.

3. Kurt Angle cut a pretty generic promo, although he’s added a fan prompt for “it’s DAMN real” and the crowd did a good job. Maria and Mike Bennett got in Angle’s face, Bennett cut a pretty good promo but Angle cheap shotted him. Then said he wouldn’t wrestle someone he doesn’t respect. So I’m guessing he will be wrestling him soon.

4. Beer Money finds a “Boozer Cruiser” backstage, which is a rideable beer cooler. It’s kinda sad to see Storm back in this role after imagining him with a singles career in NXT/WWE.

5. Trevor Lee vs. Tigre Uno. Lee has good ring presence for someone who is only 22.

6. The team of Abyss and Crazzy Steve is called “Decay” and their face painted lady friend is “Rosemary”, I think those are new reveals. “How did Janice clear customs!?” – Great question Josh Matthews. Beer Money had them beat but Abyss pulled Steve out causing a DQ. Decay stole the belts, so Davey and Eddie came out and rewarded their thievery by offering them a title match. TNA!

7. Grado came out but Eli Drake had security take him away. Eli Drake has good charisma on the mic, but Grado is hard to understand.

8. Madison Rayne vs. Jade – This match was much better than I expected, and Jade hit a really sick Cradle Piledriver for the pin.

9. Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway – Nice match, nothing that blew me away, but good. There is something about watching Kurt wrestle in 2016 that makes me worried and cringe. Drew made Kurt tap out clean which was pretty cool.

10. There was a crazy long winded main event segment that I both loved and hated. First Matt Hardy Brand came out with his faction, and said Matt Hardy will not LIE. Ha. He called out Dixie and berated her. So out came a returning Rockstar Spud, in a neon red suit with the Pop TV log on his back. He argues with Matt. Finally Tyrus knocks him out. Pop: “You had to know that was coming.” Haha. EC3 comes out to a nice pop and he cleans house. The turn feels rushed but it seems to be working…

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