Jim Ross on his Current Relationship w/Vince McMahon – “positive and healthy”

Jim Ross did an AMA on Reddit yesterday. Some highlights are below:

On his WWE heel turn in 1999: “Creative thought it was the right move to make turning me heel but they were wrong. fans did not buy it and I did not execute it well.”

On what he thought when Mick Foley got off the stretcher at Hell in a Cell 1998: “I though that he had broken his back or worse including being maimed.”

On Neville’s injury: “Happy Neville got called up. Sorry for his injury but his booking has been so-so at best.”

On fans asking him to come back to WWE: “WWE has spoken and the do not want me on their broadcasts. End of story. No worries here. I’m on PPV Sunday in Phoenix for URshow.tv and I hope that you will give us a shot. It will be a helluva, unpredictable show.”

On his current relationship with Vince McMahon: “My relationship with Vince is positive and healthy. We communicate somewhat regularly. I had 21 great years with VKM and am grateful for my run.”

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