PREVIEWS Roundtable – June 2016 Comic Book Solicitations – Marvel’s Civil War II & Star Wars’ Han Solo, Image’s Jupiter’s Legacy 2 & Other Returning Series Plus More!

Previews Roundtable non-rebirth June 2016

This article features publishers other than DC, as the “Rebirth” event and other DC solicitations will have their own article.

Phil Allen:

  • Marvel:
    Not too much new for me this month, just my usual Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, Black Widow, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, R.R. and Groot, & Howard The Duck. I read the first issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool, which was hilarious, so I’m looking forward to more of that. Still excited for Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #1, and #2 is out this month. Vote Loki looks pretty interesting, and why not throw one more trickster into the mix, huh? I won’t be getting in on Civil War II as I haven’t read the original series and don’t want to commit to all the tie-ins and such this time around. As for the Star Wars side of Marvel, the new Han Solo series sounds pretty cool, and I’m in on the rest including the Force Awakens adaptation.
  • Image:
    Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 begins this month. So far, I’ve been enjoying the Jupiter’s Circle series more than Legacy, but we’ll see what this new mini-series has to offer. I’ve become a big Howard Chaykin fan over the last couple of years, so I’m definitely in on Midnight of The Soul. Matt Fraction and Fabio Moon’s Casanova Acedia returns from its 7-month hiatus, along with more of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland. This is a big “new arc” month for many series, including Lazarus, Rumble, Descender, and Paper Girls.
  • Dark Horse:
    Children of Lovecraft looks pretty interesting, and I’m always a sucker for a Mignola cover. The collected Dark Horse/DC: Superman TPB looks great, who wants to miss Superman fighting Alien?
  • Boom:
    Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy was not a crossover I was expecting, but I’m very excited for it. I am a little confused as to why none of the original creators for either series are working on it though, but it should be a cool series.

James Fulton:

Aside from DC’s big push, June looks like a ‘business as usual’ kind of month. Nothing new from Dark Horse, IDW (I’m still really excited about Micronauts!), Boom!, Oni Press, and Valiant

  • Image:
    Jupiter’s Legacy 2 – I wonder if this series is going to be a lot more interesting now that I’ve been reading Jupiter’s Circle, and the older characters are much better fleshed out. Looking forward to some new Frank Quitely art.Lots of great books coming off hiatus or starting new arcs: Casanova: Acedia, Descender, Lazarus, Paper Girls, Rumble, Thief of Thieves are all welcome back to my pull-list.

    I can’t wait to get to the end of Prophet: Earth War! I’m sad to see that Starve is finishing with issue ten, but looking forward to its resolution.

  • Marvel:
    I know I’m going to end up buying it, but I am not excited about Civil Wars II at all. I think that all the new titles deserved more time to find their own feet or voice before being jammed into yet another event, and that in general, sequels suck. My Marvel list is getting trimmed heavily these days.Han Solo looks like it could be fun.

Matt Graham:

  • Marvel : Civil War: Minority Report will be followed, but just the main event and whatever crosses my pull list. I’m not excited for this event as what I’ve seen so far doesn’t fit some of the books and characters I enjoy. All the new titles haven’t really had time to breathe, especially if they’re already caught up in Standoff’s stumbling path. Looking at the list I’m still not sure what the main event is. This seems designed to tie into anything on the shelf. I’m Pulse’s requisite X-Men fanatic, so I’ll grab that mini. It will be grudgingly done, though. Nighthawk looks like a sure thing, as does Punisher.
  • Image: She Wolf has my interest just as the other feral title, Cry Havoc, wraps up. Paper Girls returns!
  • Dark Horse: I’ll be grabbing the Geralt of Rivia and Triss Merigold figures DH is putting out.
  • IDW: Cullen Bunn’s handling of Uncanny X-Men has me going to his Micronauts take for more of his magic.
  • Boom!: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink continues, so that’ll join the regular title on my list.
  • Valiant: The Valiant archives are serving up Shadowman by Garth Ennis and Ashley Wood (with Dennis Calero), and the art team alone demands space on my shelf. This collection of classic 90’s Shadowman promises new sketches and process talk.

John Babos:

  • After Shock:Rough Riders #3 – An alternate history, quasi- steampunk / sci-fi series with Teddy Roosevelt leading a team of historical figures. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders showrunner and writer Adam Glass is joined by artist veteran Pat Oliffe in a very promising new series.
  • Marvel:Thunderbolts #2 – Liking the pairing of the Winter Soldier with the classic Thunderbolts, villains-turned-heroes. Am still curious where Citizen V will turn since he was prominent in the All-New All-Different Marvel teaser banner.

    Squadron Supreme #8 – A great creative team with writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk, on Marvel’s gritty take on the JLA. An enjoyable read of a team that is breaking the archetype molds!

  • Valiant:Bloodshot Reborn #14 & Ninjak #16 bring the gritty action and heady stories by top industry writers Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt respectively.

    Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #8 & A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #4 tell the tale of the immortal brothers Anni-Padda in the present and past. Humor, action, drama. Fun reads expected.

    4001 A.D #2 (of 4) and 4001 A.D.: Bloodshot #1 (of 1) again has Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire respectively writing the titles and has me anticipated for Valiant’s next event. Valiant does events that matter and are excellent reads. 4001 A.D. should not exception.

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