Roman Reigns on Dean Ambrose, WWE Wrestlemania 32, Usos Moved to Pre-Show

roman reigns 3

In an interview with 120 Sports, Roman Reigns spoke about the reaction he expects to get at Wrestlemania 32 and more. Here are highlights:

On facing Triple H, the man in charge of his career: “Yeah I never really looked at it like that. That’s a great point. But at the same time he’s a very experienced performer so that definitely takes a load off that pressure…when you try too hard sometimes you can mess up. We’ve both had similar experiences, he’s obviously had a lot more but I think within the last year and a half I’m starting to catch up.”

On the mixed reaction he gets: “I want you to do whatever you want to do. I don’t expect anyone to cheer me or boo me, it’s just really based off however you’re feeling that night. I have a very strong support system, I have a very large fanbase within the Roman Empire so I’m not out here to beg anybody to support me. If you’re into what I do then please enjoy it, if not you can boo me.”

On The Usos being moved to the Kickoff Show: “Yeah it was actually a little bit of news to me as well. But you know whether its the kickoff show or the main part of the show it’s WrestleMania. The whole world is watching, millions of people are going to see their performance. I’m so proud of them, they’ve had an incredible year, nobody deserves it more than them, they’ve helped me out tremendously on the road.”

On if Dean Ambrose will actually use a chainsaw: “Yes. absolutely. He’s the lunatic fringe. He’s a madman. He’s the king of the death match. He’s indestructible. Brock Lesnar can throw him anyway he wants. He’s like a cat, he’ll land on his feet every time and then come with a kendo stick or something. He’s a madman.”