Eric Young Teases HUGE Wrestling News During Wrestlemania 32! Possible Spoilers!

Possible spoilers for Wrestlemania 32.

Eric Young WWE debut soon at Wrestlemania 32 possibly

After former TNA Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode’s WWE debut during Wrestlemania 32 weekend at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, wrestling fandom shifted its collective attention to his friend and another former TNA Heavyweight Champion Eric Young. Would he follow Bobby Roode to WWE?

At the start of Wrestlemania 32 weekend, Eric Young tweeted out that he had some happy and HUGE news coming soon concerning wrestling.

There is no such thing as coincidence in show business so the tweet during Wrestlemania 32 appears very telling.

With Bobby Roode seemingly destined for NXT, will the more versatile entertainer Eric Young make his WWE at Wrestlemania 32 proper?

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Happy Wrestlemania 32!

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