Wrestlemania 32 Fallout: WWE Releases More High Resolution Images Of New WWE Women’s Championship Title Belt! Replica Belt On Sale For Over $400!

During Wrestlemania 32 WWE revealed a new title belt for the WWE Divas and also handed out print material to media and fans explaining the next chapter in the Diva’s revolution.

The WWE Women’s Championship title belt is modeled on the WWE World Heavyweight title belt worn by the top WWE male superstar. The Divas moniker is being retired and all professional wrestlers for WWE, male of female, will be known as superstars.

What that means for the WWE’s TV show Total Divas, particularly since Divas is the title, remains to be seen.

WWE has revealed several new close-up and high-resolution images of the new WWE Women’s Championship title belt as a post Wrestlemania 32 treat for fans. Below are the best 5 of those images.

WWE Women's Championship Title 1

WWE Women's Championship Title 2

WWE Women's Championship Title 3

WWE Women's Championship Title 4

WWE Women's Championship Title 5

Also, WWE has already started selling replica WWE Women’s Championship belt. The most expensive one is over $400.

WWE Women's Championship title belt replicas for sale

The post Wrestlemania Monday Night Raw is always one of, if not the, biggest Monday Raw of the year. What will it mean for the current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, who also goes in the history books as the last WWE Divas Champion? Will Sasha Banks, who was not pinned at Wrestlemania, be the number 1 contender? And, will we see Charlotte’s decals for the new belt?

Stay tuned.

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