Pull List Roundtable 4/13/2016 – C-3PO #1, A&A: Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #2, Jackpot #1, & More (Spoilers)

John Babos

5 comics and 1 free preview book this week.

  • A&A: Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #2 – Another great series has launched with the right mix of action and humor for our titular “heroes”.
  • Batman / Superman #31 – The swan song for the New 52 Superman continues as we march to DC Rebirth.
  • DC Previews April 2016 – This is DC’s free Previews of their June 2016 books including their Rebirth plans for that month and beyond. It has a cool cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.
  • Earth 2 Society #11 – This series is winding down before DC Rebirth, but DC’s plans for Earth 2 or the Justice Society have yet to be announced.
  • Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #4 – A great mini-series building on the preceding amazing mini-series. This mini-series leads into DC’s 2 twice-monthly shipping GLC books: Green Lanterns (starring Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz) and Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps (everyone else).
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #6 – Armstrong’s brother Gilad headlines this action-packed series. A great monthly read too!

Mike Maillaro

  • JACKPOT #1 – One thing I love about Aftershock is that they tend to have cheap first issues. To me, that is just smart business. With so many comics out there, I am more willing to take a chance on a series that starts with a 2 buck issue. So many companies go in the opposite direction, and that makes me far less willing to take a long shot on their books. Jackpot is the story of a group of con men who decide to play a con on the gods. That’s a great hook! Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.
  • STAR WARS SPECIAL C-3PO – I had actually forgotten that this comic still hadn’t come out until my brother asked me about it a few weeks ago. Strange that this comic basically slipped through the cracks, but we finally get the story of why C-3PO has a red arm in The Force Awakens. I have really enjoyed Marvel’s Star Wars books, but there isn’t all that much to get excited about here.
  • X-MEN ’92 #2 – As a reviewer, I have no problem changing my mind when a book improves. I hated X-Men ’92 when it was a part of Secret Wars, but the first issue of the ongoing series was much better. It finally feels like a true homage of the TV series and comics of the time, as opposed to outright parody. If there was an award for “Most Improved” I would give it to X-Men ’92.
  • MOON KNIGHT #1 – Is there any character that Marvel has tried to make work as much as Moon Knight? Even though they often have great creative teams on the book and unique hooks, it just seems like Moon Knight can never quite find his footing. I have been a fan of Moon Knight since he appeared in some of the first Spider-Man comics I bought, but I have to ask if there is any real audience for him. I don’t expect this series to last more than 12 issues.
  • BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #5 – Last issue ended with Casey making the jump to Batman’s universe to save his friends, and Shredder stealing canisters from mutagen and making his way towards Arkham Asylum. This comic has pretty much been everything you could possibly have wanted. Fun storytelling, great characterizations, and a real fast pace. I miss crossovers like this, and I really hope this is successful enough to give us more in the future.
  • SPAWN #262 – The combination of Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane has really helped bring some fresh new life into Spawn. Amazing that a series that has gone this long can still feel fresh and unique, but McFarlane has done a great job ensuring that Spawn stays relevant no matter how long it runs.
  • STARFIRE #11 – I know I complain about this every month, but it continues to be true. I hate that Starfire (and Black Canary which also comes out this week) will be ended for DC Rebirth. These are two of the most unique comics that DC puts out, and it just feels like DC is moving a little bit too safe for my tastes. But I still will enjoy these series for as long as I can. That said, DC’s “Young Animal” imprint does seem like it will be doing more unique books, so hopefully I am wrong.
  • RED HOOD/ARSENAL #11 – Since they restarted this book, it has continued to be one of my favorite DC books. Lobdell has gone a long way towards redeeming his work on Red Hood and the Outlaws. He even made Joker’s Daughter an appealing character for me, and I would have said that was impossible. And Lobdell is sticking around on this book for DC Rebirth. I am almost positive he is the only writer who has stayed on one book all through New-52 and moving on to DC Rebirth.
  • CITIZEN JACK #5 – This book has been a hell of a crazy ride. Political satire with some wild supernatural elements through in. This is the perfect book for this year’s election, though maybe a little too scary by how close it seems to reality. Which is extra disturbing since this book features demons!
  • WEB WARRIORS #6 – I actually thought the first arc for this series went on a little too long, but I still really enjoy the idea for this series. It’s basically Exiles, just using the various incarnations of Spider-Man throughout the Spider-Verse. It’s not quite clear if this story still makes sense in the new “Reed built” Marvel universe, but I still enjoy the characters enough to want to keep reading this one.
  • CHARMED SEASON 10 #18 – It looks like Zenescope is putting Charmed on hiatus after this issue comes out. The breaks in this series are actually what made me drop it a while back. I think Zenescope has created a terrific continuation of one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but I am sort of looking at this as a potential jump off point, especially if this hiatus drags on for a while.

James Fulton

  • Autumnlands #10 – We don’t hear nearly enough about this series, by Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey, which is excellent. Anthropomorphic fantasy and world building at its best.
  • Black Road #1 – I was a big fan of Brian Wood’s Northlanders, and also his The Massive with Garry Brown. With this new series, Wood returns to the days when Christianity was taking hold (bloodily, of course) in Viking land, and Wood takes Brown with him. How could this not be good?
  • Deadly Class #20 – I can’t imagine a world where I wouldn’t be excited about a new issue of Deadly Class, the best book of Rick Remender’s career.
  • Moon Knight #1 – I haven’t been particularly enamoured with Jeff Lemire’s work at Marvel, but I’m more than willing to give him a chance with a character like Moon Knight. I liked the work his collaborator, Greg Smallwood, did with the character when Brian Wood was writing the book, so that’s a plus as well. I hope this continues the path that Warren Ellis put MK on.
  • Star Wars: C-3PO Special #1 – James Robinson and Tony Harris working together again? It’s not going to be Starman, but it could be very good (even if I have kind of hated this character since I was a little kid).

Paul Miranda

  • JACKPOT #1
    Another offering from earth-shaking AfterShock. There was a major flub regarding last week’s ROUGH RIDERS. The final cover price ended up being $3.99 rather than the advertised $1.99. Hopefully that won’t apply to this title. That matters little since I’m deep into this new publisher.
    The name alone has got my attention!! Plus, the fact that it’s from Alterna Comics guarantees 100% oddity!!
  • GOLDIE VANCE #1 (of 4)
    Is this the next JONESY? BOOM! has been producing out-of-the-blue/left-field blockbusters!! I’m down for buying this.
  • LEGEND of WONDER WOMAN #4 (of 9)
    I feel quadruple blessed this month. As the biggest WW fan that I know, there are at least 4 books featuring the Amazing Amazon. *sigh* If only Rebirth had come so that Diana’s adventures can double ship.
  • MARY WEPT over the FEET of JESUS
    I was raised Catholic but no longer practice. I have issues with my faith. Nevertheless, I’m not averse to looking at different interpretations of Biblical events since they’re rich in symbolism and imagery. Religion will always be polemic!!
    Hear Lucy Lawless’ shrill battle cry? That piercing almost blood-curling scream?? An impressive uvula and set of lungs to boot(s)!! Dynamite continues to showcase fiction’s most impressive women.
  • SABER RIDER and the STAR SHERRIFS #2 (of 5)
    The main mag is free!!! The variant covers will cost you $10. Pittance for the Sentinel of Liberty. America’s greatest comic book icon. Literally!! He was the first to proudly don the flag!
  • MOON KNIGHT {6th Series} #1
    Double dose!! First off, the cosplay sensation that transitioned to comic book character in record time!! She’s not Gwen Stacy. She’s not Deadpool. Figure out that one ;-P Jeff Lemire gets into the headspace of the most disturbed, deranged citizen of the MU. Illusion vs. reality is the major theme in this newest iteration.
    After three gruelling months, the one-shot featuring SW’s fave android has dropped!! I’ve let my curiosity pique. What is the deal with the red arm?? It can’t be just rust.
  • ERATHUNE #1 (of 4)
    Stranger Comics continues to expand its intricate universe.
    Valiant is gaining major favour in my books. Pun intended!! Hijinx, shenanigans, fisticuffs, misunderstandings, tiffs. This one’s got it all.
  • CARVER: a PARIS STORY #3 (of 5)

Matt Graham

  • Black Canary #10 – As we near the end, I hope Birds of Prey captures the magic in Rebirth.
  • Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harley’s – I support anything Conner and Palmiotti put their energy into.
  • Deadly Class #20 – My favourite title of the last few years.
  • Pretty Deadly #9 – Part of me wanted to wait for trade on this, but for all my hang ups with the first arc, I want to support KSD and Rios in their surreal Western mythology effort.
  • AN X-Men #8 – My second favourite X-Men book of the moment.
  • Moon Knight #1 – I’ve always had a soft spot for Moon Knight, and once again I’ll see a run through.