Steve Austin on Cody Rhodes’ Decision to Leave WWE – “Maybe him leaving wasn’t such a good idea”


During a recent edition of The Steve Austin Show (transcript credit, Steve Austin spoke about Cody Rhodes leaving WWE

On Cody Rhodes’ Decision to Leave WWE: “Cody Rhodes decided to ride off into the sunset. He wasn’t happy with creative [and] he wasn’t happy that he couldn’t do what he wanted to do.” Austin continued, “his value would have been at an all-time high because of the brand split and they’re going to need all hands on deck. And so maybe him leaving wasn’t such a good idea, to take himself out of the picture, as he might have had a little bit more leverage or might have been used in a higher regard due to the brand split because they’re going to need all the talent they can muster.”

On Cody’s Future: “I don’t see him in Japan. I love the kid. I love Cody. I think he’s a real talented guy, but where does he go from here if it’s going to be in the wrestling world?” Austin added, “I wish that guy all the luck. He’s a good kid and I’ve been friends with the [Rhodes] family forever. Dusty meant so much to my wrestling career and I used to travel the world with Dustin and I got to know Cody a little bit, so I wish the guy all the luck in the world.”