TNA Impact Wrestling 7/12/16 Recap (Lashley vs. Edwards Title for Title, X Division Ladder Match)

Impact begins with a The Day After caption showing Jeff waking up from a nightmare reliving The Final Deletion. Pleasant music plays while Matt talks to the dilapidated boat and gives it a name – Scarsguard! Matt rides his boat and then the Vanguard 1 drone brings Jeff’s shirt to him. Josh and Pope yell about the show’s card, which begins with the ladder match for a shot at the X Title. A giant green X is high above the ring with Braxton Sutter mid-ring. DJZ gets an intro, as do the two members of the Helms Dynasty. Mandrews dives to the floor. DJZ hits a crazy corkscrew dive off the top to the floor onto the Dynasty. Braxton climbs up, but gets pulled down by Spud. The Dynasty jumps Braxton and then they beat up Mandrews. Lee does a split between two ladders when one guy pulls each ladder, and then DJZ dropkicks his groin. Lee’s Superman punch misses Mandrews and Sutter. A Ligerbomb hits Lee and gives Sutter an edge. Helms comes in and eats a rana by DJZ, and DJZ climbs up to win. Boy was this a minor amount of sound and fury signifying nothing.


DJZ talks to JB and says he’ll win the X Title, but Bennett comes down and kicks his ass. He says he’ll burn TNA to the ground. Backstage, EC3 says he’s in his Tuesday fighting best and he’s ready for his fight with Drew. The Impact move to Thursdays is covered with a “get your shit, Impact is moving to Thursdays” ad. When we come back, McKenzie Mitchell debuts and talks to Dixie about how the show is moving to Thursdays at 8 PM and that next week’s show will have the Bound For Glory Playoffs where the winner goes to the main event of BFG.

JB is mid-ring with Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that Eddie got a lucky shot and that Eddie’s division isn’t the heart of TNA, he is and the World Title is. Lashley says he’ll kick his ass and take Eddie’s title and be the best that TNA has ever seen. Eddie tries to respond, but Lashley beats him up before he can speak. Lashley goes to hit him with a chair, but Davey makes a save and hits Lashley with a chair before they can send Lashley to the floor with a double lariat. Crazzy Steve talks to Abyss about why Rosemary was kissing Bram and Abyss says he’ll beat up Bram and everything will be beautiful again.

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We go to Matt’s private movie theater where he shows The Final Deletion to a group of kids. Maxel, heir of the Hardy fortune looks on gobsmacked. Matt holds up King Maxel amid a large “Delete, delete, delete!” chant. This was glorious and full of amusing bits – like Reby having a shelf full of “The Hardy Boys” books in Maxel’s room. Steve comes down with Abyss, and looks absolutely ripped. Bram comes down with a trimmed-down beard – it’s just a five ‘o clock shadow now. Abyss has creamcicle-colored facepaint on. Bram is sent over the top and Steve rips at his hair. Abyss locks on a Vulcan nerve pinch, but Bram fights back and hits a spinkick before landing a running jumping knee strike.

Abyss goes for a chokslam, but eats an Edge o Matic. The chokeslam hits and Rosemary comes down looking even weirder than usual. She chats to Bram, which distracts Abyss and Bram wins via schoolboy. Sienna vs. Marti vs. Jade vs. Gail is up next for the title. Why Marti gets a shot despite losing last week is never explained.


Jade is outside the ring while Marti is in the ring, then Gail comes out before Sienna saunters down. Gail runs after Sienna as she’s on the ramp and they forearm each other on the ramp and at ringside while Marti and Jade to the same mid-ring. Sienna hits a corner splash on Marti and chokes away. Marti recovers and stomps a mudhole in her before getting 2 off an assalanche. Gail forearms away at Sienna and Marti before taking Sienna down with a lariat. Marti and Sienna chop away before Gail dives in and we get a Jade vs. Gail showdown.

They baseball slide the heels and forearm away at one another. Jade hits a German for 2 and they fight for a superplex, but Sienna hoists Gail up and we get a Double Impact shining wizard. Marti Pedigrees Jade and Gail hits Eat Defeat, but Allie saves Marti. The Silencer/Pounce hits Gail for the win. We go to the Hardy dinner table with Matt saying his belly box feels broken. Matt says five billion wacky things, including stating that he hates must-ahd and that he will finally delete Brother Nero completely next.

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But first, we see Davey return to save Eddie. Lashley says that he could’ve torn Eddie in half – but he likes the thrill of the hunt and he will rip the heart out of the X Division. We get a highlight reel of The Final Deletion before the ballad of the Broken Matt Hardy comes down and Reby insults the fans and tells them to hush themselves. Matt tells the fans to boo him for they are just ants. He won the greatest match in pro wrestling history and Matt gets a “we want Jeff” chant before he says he deleted Jeff, but he is a kind being, so he will allow Brother Nero to come down one last time.

Reby introduces him as being from a place even worse than Parts Unknown – the darkest depths of deletion before yelling “obsolete!” at him over and over. Matt says that he has terminated Jeff’s TNA contract and tells him to “begone!”. He says that Jeff would probably go wrestle in New York for “Mick Mahon!” and then do the New Wrestling in Japan, or the Honoroable wrestling – but he wants Jeff to stay here and he owns Jeff’s IP. He says he will make Jeff his mule and he will drain him dry and while he may broken, he will never be broke!

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Bennett walks backstage and DJZ says he wants a match with him to get revenge for the beating earlier. Maria welcomes us to her place of worship  and Bennett comes down. DJZ comes out for his second match on this show. Bennett dominates to start, but DJZ retaliates and hits a series of elbows smashes in the corner. Cutter hits DJZ. Lariat into the corner leads to a spinebuster for 2. DJZ hits a flying lariat and a rolling headscissors to the floor. He hits a flip dive and almost lands in the crowd. DJZ runs up the step and hits a rana on the floor before going on the buckle, but Bennett goes to the ramp so he can’t be reached. The X Division roster of about five other guys come down and prevent him from leaving. Bennett is distracted and DJZ wins with a cradle – giving us our second distraction finish of the evening.


Bennett is upset because he promised to ruin Destination X and says he wants to burn TNA to the ground again and says he’ll do it, but he won’t be alone. Bennett tells the person to get here now. Drew comes down to his theme for this “fight that TNA won’t sanction”. EC3 calls him his bitch and we get a chopfest. Suplex on the floor hits hard before we get more chops. EC3 tosses a chair at Drew’s head, and Drew recovers and hits EC3’s back with a chair. A referee comes down to maintain some order, but they shoo him away and fight backstage. Agents and wrestlers separate them in the interview area and then they just cut to Davey taping up Eddie’s hands. Davey asks if he wants the knockout tape job or the submission tape job. Davey says they’re family and tapes him up.

We get a rundown for the BFG Playoffs, including Jeff Hardy, Eli Drake, EC3, and Drew Galloway. Eddie comes down in new, rather generic white and neon green gear. Nice of Eddie to create his gear in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns before having it made. Lashley bulls him into the corner before kicking away. Eddie recovers, but eats a belly to belly on the floor after going for a dive. Lashley spears him on the floor before an ad break.


After the break, Lashley crossfaces him in the ropes. Lashley hits a big neckbreaker for 2. Lashley runs him over and walks around with a double bicep pose. Eddie ducks a chop and hits a machine gun chop. Eddie counters the running powerslam with a DDT and he low bridges Lashley to send him to the floor for a dive. Sky High gets 2 for Eddie and he sets him up top for a superplex, but Lashley fights out. Eddie regains control and goes for a rana and hits it! Eddie goes for the Knee Party, but Lashley twists him for a powerslam, but Eddie’s feet hit Eddie.


Lashley goes to the floor and grabs his belt from the podium. Davey comes in and they hit Chasing the Dragon for 2. Bennett comes in and punches the ref to ruin Destination X. Moose comes down to a variant of his ROH theme while a few handfuls of fans do the “Moose” signal. Moose attacks Davey and powerbombs Eddie. Lashley and Moose staredown before Bennett low blows Bennett and Moose hits a Rainmaker discus lariat. McKenzie asks Dixie what her thoughts are and she says that next week, Lashley will face Eddie title for title once again inside Six Sides of Steel. This wasn’t quite the show TNA needed to keep viewers hooked after gaining about 100,000 new viewers – but it wasn’t bad, it was just a show.


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