Jim Ross Blog: Conor McGregor, Mick Foley & Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Calls John Cena & Brock Lesnar – “the only true, ‘over’ talents on WWE TV”


Jim Ross had a new mid-week blog, here are some highlights

on Conor McGregor
McGregor has realized that his remarks are often times polarizing and they spread like wildfire. He has become a great, self promoter of his fights and his own enhanced public persona which is not meant to be an insult in any way. To the contrary, fans of pro wrestling should admire that McGregor is a talented talker like many of the pro wrestling greats in history and who knows how to stir up controversy which creates cash more often than not.

on Mick Foley & Daniel Bryan
I do like the casting of both Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan on their respective shows but I’m not overly wild about the cross pollination, for lack of a better term, of the RAW and Smackdown Live talents on each others shows. I’m hopeful that this will be an occasional matter and is only being used to promote Lesnar vs Orton at Summer Slam.

on draws in WWE
Considering that essentially Brock Lesnar and John Cena are the only true, ‘over’ talents on WWE TV these days when it comes to selling out live events, scores of merch, and motivating a multitude of fans to enjoy major events and more on the @WWENetwork, I applaud WWE for continuing to do all that they can to get other talents elevated to that elusive, next level.

This is by far no indictment on any talent as ‘getting over’ as a true and complete main event level talent is a daunting task in any generation and arguably even more difficult today than ever before thanks in part to the social media information flow and the fact that the lack of territories has slowed the in ring growth of many talents that are featured on today’s TV broadcasts.

on Seth Rollins
I could certainly Seth Rollins becoming one of WWE’s biggest stars in years but perhaps he’s better suited in today’s marketplace as a fan favorite especially as long as he continues to execute in the ring with his current move set and techniques of which fans totally embrace. Nonetheless, Rollins and Finn Balor should have a fantastic match at Summer Slam that could well be the show stealer. I can’t wait to watch it and then to talk with Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez about it on our podcast.

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