WWE Cruiserweight Classic 9-7-16 Recap (Dar vs. ZSJ, TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann)

Tonight’s competitors have their CWC runs recapped briefly. ZSJ’s technical wizardry is shown off, while Dar’s strikes and suplexes are highlighted. ZSJ is out first, followed by Dar. Zack rides him on the mat and Mauro’s explanation of positioning is outstanding – it’s exactly what he would do in an MMA fight and this kind of presentation is perfect for suspending disbelief. ZSJ works the leg to get a headlock, but Dar takes him down and works on the leg. A cradle exchange garners a 2 for each man. ZSJ avoids a cradle and lands a sloppy PK for 2.


Jim Breaks Special is countered and he lands a kick to the knee and then a bicycle kick on the apron. Dar flies to the floor and tosses him in to get 2 off a corner dropkick. ZSJ’s octopus hold is loose, but he gets a hanging triangle – but Dar gets a kneebar that is turned into an armbar by ZSJ. Prawn hold bridge gets 2 for ZSJ. ZSJ jumps into a backslide attempt, but eats a backslide driver for 2. Dar turns a flying armbar into a cradle, but ZSJ holds on and has the armbar – but Dar gets his foot on the rope.

ZSJ goes for a flying knee, but it misses and Dar kicks his other knee out of him. Dar hits a flying double stomp on the leg and gets a rolling kneebar! ZSJ tries to get to the ropes, but Dar gives the hold up to attack the knee more, and it sends them both outside. ZSJ comes in at 9.5 after landing hard on his arm. He attacks the arm and hits a bicycle kick, but ZSJ gets a flying Rings of Saturn and gets the win! This ruled!

TJ and Swann’s runs in the CWC are showcased before Swann comes out first dancing before TJP comes out a bit more seriously. The crowd sings and claps along to Swann’s song to start the match. TJP outworks him on the mat for a quick 1 count. Arm wringers lead to a snappy headscissors where TJP dabs. Bryan admits he first thought that was dubstep before Swann gets a headscissors of his own. MORE DABBING by TJP. TJP’s kneebar makes Swann get serious and leads to him landing a slick dropkick. An apron PK misses and a back kick leads to an apron moonsault where he tweaks his knee and eats a triangle dropkick.

TJP locks on a chinlock and then a heel hook. TJP eats an elbow to the face, a lariat, and a neckbreaker before a basement run-up superkick lands for Swann. TJ’s flying neckbreaker leads to the chickenwing gutbuster for 2. Triangle rana from TJP sends Swann into the ring. Swann is locked into a kneebar where TJP holds onto it until 4. TJP kicks his legs and unveils a full moon from Swann, but a victory roll, superkick, and a tiger driver get 2 for Swann.  TJ’s fireman’s carry Pele kick leads to a kneebar and the win.


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