Fan Expo Canada / Baltimore Comic Con / Diamond Summit Spoilers: DC Comics Rebirth Teen Titans Has A Mystery 6th Member!

The first weekend of September 2016 was a HUGE weekend for comic book and pop culture fans with both Fan Expo Canada happening in Toronto and the Baltimore Comic Con going on at the same time. Plus, there was the Diamond Retailer summit to open the weekend which is also a hot bed of comics and pop culture news! Check out the latest news below!

Teen Titans #1 variant

DC Comics Rebirth’s Teen Titans writer had some revealing tidbits in a recent interview.

      There are two touchstones that I’ve been looking toward: Geoff Johns’ run and the [Marv] Wolfman/[George] Pérez run. I’ll be channeling that history while also making the series my own.

      The thing I’ve always loved about the Teen Titans, and the thing I’m having so much fun with right now, is it’s a turnstile of storytelling possibilities. You’ve got detective stories available through Robin, and you’ve got horror stories available through Raven, you’ve got sci-fi stories available through Starfire, and comedy through Beast Boy.

      And there is a sixth member of the team that has not yet been announced, who will open up another environment, another genre possibility.

      So what should people expect? A high-octane, adrenaline-fueled soap opera. That’s what’s always made Teen Titans work in the past, and that’s the torch I’m carrying with me into the future.

Should be fun!

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Source: Newsarama