WWE Smackdown Live Spoilers: A New Era With 3 New Champions & What’s Next For A.J. Styles The New WWE World Champion Via Preview?!

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The fallout from WWE’s first Smackdown branded WWE PPV Backlash 2016 will be felt on this week’s WWE Smackdown Live.


On WWE Raw it was announced that Heath Slater will sign his new Smackdown contract on tonight’s Smackdown Live alongside Smackdown Tag Team Championship partner Rhyno.



WWE has released their official preview for tonight’s Smackdown Live.

Check it out.

  • Heath Slater will sign his SmackDown LIVE contract tonight
  • Will AJ Styles’ WWE World Championship reign get off to a ‘Phenomenal’ start?
  • The Irish Lass Kicker goes from hunter to hunted
  • Will The Miz and Maryse receive any ‘Backlash’ for their actions?
  • Can Bray Wyatt bounce back from No Holds Barred brawl at Backlash?

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While the official preview for tonight’s of WWE Smackdown Live will be up soon, we can expect some variation of the following.

  • How will Dean Ambrose respond to losing the WWE World Title at Backlash to A.J. Styles the man that truly now is the face that runs the place?
  • Who will step up to challenge new Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and how will the rivalry between Carmella and Nikki Bella play into the title picture?
  • What’s next for Dolph Ziggler who still can’t win the big one losing matches for the WWE World Championship and Intercontinental Champion only weeks apart?
  • Which tag team will spoil the contract signing for Heath Slater, one half of the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions with Rhyno, and will we see the next chapter in the rivalry between the Usos and American Alpha?
  • When will Randy Orton be medically cleared for battle and what does that mean for a seething Bray Wyatt after defeat at the hands of Kane at Backlash?


More to come.