WWE Raw Recap for 10/3/16 (Charlotte vs. Sasha Women’s Title)

Kendrick vs. TJP is hyped up to start the show before Cole hypes up an interview with Seth Rollins tonight. Roman Reigns, the CHAMPION OF AMERICA as WWE has called him, comes down to a chorus of boos. Lana comes out looking hot in black lace. He insults her husband, so she says that’s her husband and she has pride in her family – unlike Roman, who ruined her wedding and calls him a stupid boy before ordering him to go to hell. They brawl around ringside and Roman Superman punches him on the ramp. Roman wants a match with Rusev in the Cell, and Cole acts like this won’t be approved.


TJP comes out to face Kendrick, who is talked about as the man who drove TJP around when TJ was just starting out. Kendrick attacks the hand on the ringpost, which looks sick and furthers the sinister edge Kendrick had in the CWC. Wrecking ball hits Kendrick, but he locks on the neck crank and gets the bully choke for the win. Seth tells Cole that Owens won the title – but he didn’t beat him, HHH handed him the title. Seth says he is the man. WWE-Komen video. Braun destroys Chase Silver and lands a nice bulldozer-style tackle before powerslamming him for the win.


Sasha and Bayley, who has a new multi-colored purple shirt, have a wacky chat about how Forbes Magazine hyped up Charlotte as the best ever. Owens and Jericho talk about how KO hurt Seth’s ribs – so they’re at least moving this away from being all about HHH. Jericho says he and KO are the best of friends and KO says that Jericho should be the referee for a Seth rematch since Seth just blames the ref for losing. Jericho thinks that their team is so good that they should face New Day, and KO likes that idea – but Cesaro and Sheamus have the next shot. Jericho says okay, so they’ll beat New Day and then get a title shot. KO says he’d like that, but it sounds like a lot of work and it’s not like he is asking for a shot at the Universal Title – so now KO agrees! Owens sarcastically congratulates New Day for holding the titles and also feeding children questionable cereal. New Day is down for this match.


Cesaro and Sheamus argue about how Cesaro is impossible to travel with because he wants to find the perfect salad. Sami comes out to face Titus, who does an inset promo about The Titus Brand and #makeitawin. Sami is amazing, but can’t get a good match out of Titus – who loses to the Helluva kick. Cesaro and Sheamus complain about each other and Mick tells them to stop bitching and use that anger to face New Day. A hype video for The Club airs before Golden Truth comes out and then the Club talk about how they’re going to take the Raw tag team division’s clown car and shove it off a cliff. They squash Golden Truth and win with the Magic Killer.


Jericho and Owens talk to Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher in an unfunny bit – the celebs will watch the match tonight. Enzo is mid-ring with cancer survivors – who each get Raw Women’s Title replicas after Enzo screws up the unveiling. Jeri-KO faces New Day, with the celebrities on commentary – making things even worse. Jericho’s nose gets busted up and he slaps Big E while the celebs hype up E. Midnight Hour hits Jericho and ends the match while KO sits on the apron – so he could have made a save, but chose not to. Seth comes down to stir the pot a bit with Owens.


Charlotte says that Sasha will be history tonight. Seth and Steph chat and she tells him that he is replaceable – like everyone else. Well, so much for him being a serious main eventer. Rich Swann faces Tony Nese, who gets an inset promo. Swann’s tough life is brought up, while Nese isn’t put over all that much. Nese doesn’t get many chances to shine either, and the match is generally a showcase for Swann. Double boot curbstomp gets 2 for Swann, while Nese’s pumphandle Michinoku Driver ends it. Well, that was a surprising result – good win for Nese.


Mil Mascaras hype video for Mexican Heritage month. Sheamus and Cesaro beat up a jobber team and beat them. Charlotte and Sasha’s history in NXT is recapped – this really should’ve aired before tonight, because this is in the main event slot and really didn’t feel like it should be until this video. Charlotte buries Bayley and says one day, she’ll be a big girl too! Charlotte and Sasha are out for the main event, and Charlotte dominates the early going with a nasty-looking backbreaker stretch over her knee.


Sasha comes back with fast strikes and running rana. Sasha keeps getting her back destroyed, but avoids a superplex to land a flying shotgun knee strike to Charlotte for 2. Charlotte sends her outside and instead of doing the moonsault off the top to the floor, goes for a corkscrew plancha and just misses Sasha entirely. Sasha tried to catch her, but just couldn’t because of how fast she was falling. Fortunately, Charlotte landed about as smoothly as possible on her feet and rolling backwards. The replay is absolutely beautiful and doesn’t even expose the catch. Natural Selection hits for 2. Charlotte tosses her into the ropes, but Sasha gets a La Mistica version of the Bank statement crossface and wins the title! This was a sloppy match, but structurally sound and easily the best thing on the show.


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