WWE Network Looks To Add ROH And TNA Wrestling With New Tiered Pricing Systems

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Remember when you couldn’t go a TV segment without somebody dropping the $9.99 monthly price for the WWE Network?

Well, that price may be changing.

As part of its market research, World Wrestling Entertainment is entertaining the idea of adding a tier-based system for the WWE Network. It’s not a confirmation, but WWE is looking to spruce up its on-demand service by offering customers a four-tiered pricing based system that would allow free access to the network but with a few considerations attached.

The details come from Wrestling Observer.

Free Tier – includes video clips (5 minutes or less), the video archive, and a limit of how many hours you can watch monthly (a total of 5 hours). There would commercials and live streaming. However, PPVs, NXT telecasts and the Cruiserweight Classic would be blacked out. Content would be available on all devices.

$4.99/month – includes the “Big Four” PPV events (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series). No live stream access to NXT, but it will be available on-demand. Limited commercial interruptions and will only be available on phones and tablets.

$9.99/month – mirrors what is currently available on WWE Network but will now include limited commercials. Weekly episodes of the Cruiserweight Classic will also be available. (So I guess it will be a weekly show as opposed to a limited-run series as a tournament.)

$14.99/month – would include everything already on the WWE Network, plus footage of other promotions, and zero commercials. Perks to include early ticket access to live events, offline content downloads, small group online chat, 2nd screen content and invites to in-person VIP meet-ups. In the market research, Ring of Honor (ROH) and TNA are promotions listed as possibilities for the $14.99 tier.

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Source: Wrestling News Source (via Wrestling Observer)