DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Green Lanterns #9 Reveals Secret Origin Of The Phantom Lantern? Plus A GLC DC Rebirth History Lesson!



DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Green Lanterns #9! Plus What Green Lantern Corps (GLC) Pre-Flashpoint events are canon in DC Rebirth?

With the teaser for Green Lanterns #9 we saw the debut of human Frank Lamninski who will become the Phantom Lantern! We also learned in the Green Lanterns #14 January 2017 DC Comics solicitation that Volthoom is somehow involved, but which one: Earth 3’s or the New 52’s? Spoilers here for both.

Ok onto Green Lanterns #9 proper.

Frank Laminski idolized Earth’s Green Lanterns. From Hal Jordan to John Stewart.


To Guy Gardner.

All the while, Frank Laminiski tried to hone is ability to overcome fear and grow his willpower so that a Green Lantern ring would select him.


To Kyle Rayner.

Laminski became frustrated that he hadn’t been selected for a Green Lantern ring yet so many Green Lanterns were now on Earth.


He decided to a street-level vigilante while he waited for a Green Lantern ring, but…


…it didn’t work out.


Until one day…


….a Green Lantern ring selected him, but…


…realized it made an error and left Frank Laminisk crushing him.


The book ends with Frank Laminski meeting up with his new benefactor who tells him about the Phantom Ring which doesn’t pick anyone; anyone can wield it.


The benefactor is the New 52’s and now DC Rebirth’s Volthoom!



A solid debut issue for Frank Laminski and intertwining whim with Earth based Green Lantern history. Plus Volthoom. Solid story, but the art felt choppy at times; it looks the book had a few artists in the kitchen. For that reason, the book gets a 7 out of 10. If it was just based on the amazing story and if art was more consistent, the score would have been higher.

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