TNA Impact 11-10-16 Recap (Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards World Title)

Lashley vs. Eddie is recapped and we’re told that Eddie faces Eli tonight and a World Title qualifying tournament…err Series of Matches begins tonight. Eddie cuts a boring promo before Eli says that the Namer of Dummies is going to win the World Title. EC3 comes out and says he picks Eddie to win before Bennett comes down and insults EC3. Moose comes out to face Bennett in the first match. Moose gets Maria ejected and lands some nice chops to Bennett. A pop-up powerbomb and senton hit, but the Game Changer misses because he gives way too much time for someone to recover and not hang on and tosses him up – but Bennett superkicks the knee. A piledriver hits for 2, while a cutter gets 2.5. Moose charges at Bennett on the floor, but misses and hits the steps – so Bennett wins via countout. This was Moose’s best match in TNA so far.


Al says he’s back from his worst injury and his boys have a surprise! Jeff rides around the compound before Reby tells Jeff that Matt has amnesia and wants to build another dining room. Jeff tries to snap Matt out of his amnesia, but he can’t snap him out of it by saying He Know He’d Come. Matt tells him that he’s an engineer and has never wrestled. The Tribunal is mid-ring cutting a promo. Can we go back to Matt Hardy the Carpenter, please? They turn on Al Snow for reasons that aren’t explained and no one could possibly care about. Shera comes down and gets beaten up too.

Jessie says he’s here to beat up Rex. Abyss and EC3 have a long, boring match. Abyss is tolerable in tags, but can’t do singles matches anymore. EC3 chokes him out with an RNC. Matt prepares a bowl of lobster bisque, while Jeff tries to get him to remember himself with the “Obsolete” song. Jeff tells Matt to go for a ride on his motorcycle, but he isn’t enthused. JB says that he’s JB for 16 years, but he’s been asked to come out as a friend. He wants to thank Gail for being world-class and she cuts a promo on having passion. Jade comes out before Rosemary chokes out Gail before Van Terminating her.


Rockstar Spud, Trevor Lee, and DJZ go at it in a three way. Spud bumps around like a champ for Lee and his throws. Lee hits a big knee and beats Spud with a fisherman buster to advance in the World Title Tourney. Grado and Robbie are told by Aiden that they have a match – as a team. Brandi commends Allie for holding her own. Lashley beats up Grado and Robbie and beats Robbie. Rex is shown cheating to win and then shines his belt up in his rental car before his driver lets him out. Rex and his wacky black puffy shirt are confused as to why Jessie is mad. They brawl backstage and Rex leaves in his car.

Matt is taken to the lake of whatever and doesn’t even recognize his own personal movie butler. Matt is put into the lake we go to the World Title match. Boy what a tonal shift. Josh brags about how Impact delivers main events like Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake every week. Wow – don’t put the company over too much there. Blunt Force Trauma gives Eli a 2, but the knee party wins it. DCC beats up Eddie and unmask to reveal Bram, Eddie Kingston, and James Storm. Well, this was a show.


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