Marvel Comics’ Civil War II #7 Spoilers & Review: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America & Old Man Logan Loom Large!




Marvel Comics’ Civil War II #7 Spoilers and Review follows.

The book opens with the new Inhuman Ulysses seemingly not just experiencing a vision of the future with Old Man Logan in it, but actually being part of it and interacting with the older Wolverine.


Logan is battling a son of Hulk and tells Ulysses that the future is bleak because Tony Stark / Iron Man…


…pushed “her” too far?


Who is her? Captain Marvel? Medusa? Someone else?

Ulysses returns to the present where we also have, in Washington, Miles Morales / Spider-Man confronting Ulysses vision that he will kill Steve Rogers / Captain America. He’s there to prove the vision wrong; Cap joins / confronts him.


Ulysses at the same time asks Medusa to have Captain Marvel stand down from her pursuit of Iron Man over the vision he had of the future.


Captain Marvel is flying to join Captain America and Spider-man; Cap also wants ti prove Ulysses vision wrong.


Captain Marvel enters and wants Spider-Man to come with her.


After all, here view of how to act on Ulysses future visions are different than Iron Man’s.

Marvel Civil War II banner 1

However, a force field protects Spider-Man from Captain Marvel because…


…Iron Man won’t let her take him.


Captain Marvel has had enough and strikes Iron Man.


The cover to Civil War II #9 is ominous about the outcome of this Captain Marvel vs. Iron Man slugfest.



We’ve now got the penultimate issue of Civil War II on stands and its light on action and heavy on word balloons. This Civil War II mini-series has been more of a cerebral battle of ideas – between Captain Marvel and Iron Man – instead of action-packed confrontation between a divided hero populace of Marvel. Art was amazing, but story was slow, plodding. 4 out of 10.

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