DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Green Lanterns #17 Sees Batman Team-Up Versus Synthetic God Of Fear The Scarecrow!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Green Lanterns #17 with a Batman Team-up!

The book opens with an explanation of how the Scarecrow was able to synthesize the yellow fear spectrum of the Sinesro Corps; after all the Scarecrow wore the Yellow Lantern ring twice before despite no longer having it in his possession.

We then move to modern day where Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s butler and confidante, has been influenced by Scarecrow’s synthetic fear spectrum fear energy to want to kill Batman… using Simon Baz Green Lantern’s gun!

With Batman and two Green Lanterns in the Batcave, Alfred is predictably subdued.

Batman, Baz and Jessica Cruz Green Lantern find a connection with all of the Scarecrow’s pre Alfred Pennyworth victims and that leads them to ‘Crow’s hangout.

The Green Lantern ring is confuses as it sense the fear spectrum, but then does not. It appears Scarecrow was able to synthesize the fear spectrum to a point, but its clearly not the real-deal despite being powerful enough to work on his human victims.

Scarecrow attacks…

…Simon Baz’s fears threaten him…

…yet he finds a way to overcome that fear.

The Scarecrow is heading to Arkam Asylum after this adventure. He fears agony in the absence of his synthetic fear.

As a result of this adventure, Simon Baz finally gives up his handgun and…

…we learn that Batman prefer Baz to all other Green Lanterns. He’ll need Baz soon and expects him to help him.

The book ends with Rami the Rigue Lantern, who has been taken over by Volthoom the First Lantern unbeknownst to the GLs, calling them back to his side.


An entertaining story, interesting Batman and Baz moments to end the issue, and a tease of more Volthoom. The art was choppy, but the overall story was nonetheless intriguing and entertaining. 7 out of 10.

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