DC Comics Rebirth June 2017 Solicitations Spoilers: Specials Grow By Two To Six & Now Includes A Legion Of Super-Heroes With The Looney Tunes!

DC Comics Rebirth June 2017 Solicitations Spoilers follow.

When it was originally announced, the DC Comics / Looney Tunes specials were to include:

      Jonah Hex. Yosemite Sam.

      Martian Manhunter. Marvin the Martian.

      Lobo. The Road Runner.

      Batman. Elmer Fudd.

Now, with the full solicitations, via CBR , we now know that those four books will be accompanied by two other one-shot specials in June 2016.

      Legion of Super-Heroes. Bugs Bunny.

      Wonder Woman. Tazmanian Devil.

With the Legion of Super-Heroes set to undergo as DC Comics Rebirth soon, it is interesting we’ll see them first as a team in a Looney Tunes cross-over.

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