Break The Walls Down: 7 Reasons Why The Lesnar / Goldberg Fight Doesn’t Need The Universal Title


7 Reasons Why The Lesnar / Goldberg Fight Doesn’t Need The Universal Title

Wrestlemania is the biggest event in all of wrestling. Ask a muggle to name a single wrestling PPV, and Wrestlemania will likely be the only one that leaves their lips. While WWE is heavily focussed on the Entertainment side of their acronym, the Goldberg situation just grinds my gears. Here is the biggest event in the calendar year, where die hard marks, both ├╝ber marks and enthused children, are potentially joined by fairweather fans, those with a mild interest, those with a passing interest, previous fans who gave up after the Attitude Era and anyone else dragged along by the spectacle of it all. I’d never doubt that having Goldberg on the card would, and will, be a draw. It just seems so odd to have his bout with Brock Lesnar be for the Universal Title, and here are some reasons.

The Fight Already Has A Built In Story
Goldberg’s return was a big deal for the company last year, and despite only being physically capable of shouting promos, the former egg shaped hand ball star made a compelling case for one last match. He wanted to emulate John Cena and become a superhero in full view of his wife and strangely built child. In a throwback to his WCW days, he then strolled on to PPV and pinned Brock Lesnar in record time. Issues with that debacle aside, it’s only right that the Beast would be incensed by such an embarrassing defeat, and seek retribution on the grandest stage of them all. The title is an unnecessary addition, and serves only to keep the strap on a part timer past Wrestlemania.

Part-Time Champions Don’t Work
When Lesnar last held the title, he barely featured. He didn’t defend in the kayfabe 30 day period, he didn’t talk, he didn’t wrestle. It was a farce. The most prestigious championship in the whole company was, more often than not, entirely forgotten about. While it could be argued that Brock’s lack of screen time fuelled demand and created a ‘must-see’ aura when he did show up, it’s safe to say that that demand and aura were already in place, regardless of the gold around his waist. Crucially, having Lesnar as champion didn’t drastically alter viewing figures.

Goldberg’s Inclusion Alone Should Draw
Goldberg is on the bill. *PUN KLAXON* Straight off the bat, there will be fans who’ve drifted away from the product that will be on high alert, intrigued by the prospect of the former WCW Champion returning to action. Hell, Lesnar’s inclusion is arguably a bigger draw because of his fan base, both on a wrestling and UFC level. Either way, they’re names attract attention, and attention attracts the green, regardless of a tile belt.

Wrestlemania Is The Perfect Showcase For Talent To Become Stars
With Goldberg and Lesnar confirmed, more eyes are on Wrestlemania. More eyes are on it anyway purely because it’s Wrestlemania. Why then, wouldn’t you put your best talent in major spots, with major titles? If people who don’t consume the product full time are watching, it’s the perfect opportunity to elevate your key workers and try to turn them into more established household names. I’d defy anyone to watch Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe… (the list goes on)… and not be entertained and enthralled by what they are capable of. With the phenomenal promo packages the WWE team put together, new eyes would immediately grasp any storyline imperative to the match, and then hopefully be blown away by the content bell to bell. If the main titles are on one of the above men, it highlights who the biggest and best players are, and gives more reason for the layman to watch them. With Goldberg as champion, it’s easy to cast off the talent you might not recognise as being inferior, because they can’t even beat a washed up 50 year old who doesn’t wrestle anymore.

It Can Dishearten The Full Time Roster
It must be infuriating for the full time roster to bust their ass and break their bodies day in and day out, only to be ousted in the lead up to Wrestlemania by part-time talent. Yes, the draw is there for the Lesnar / Goldberg rematch itself, but that’s just it.. To have these guys fight for the title must be a bitter pill to swallow. It is of course one of the major reasons for CM Punk’s infamous departure, and the resentment is understandable, and likely bleeding through to some members of the current roster. Goldberg’s defence in 2017 means that part-timers have fought for the main title at Wrestlemania for the last 5 consecutive years. Yes, star power is integral to Mania, but it doesn’t have to be at the top of the card.

It Will Be A Massive Anti-Climax
Goldberg. Cannot. Wrestle. He never could, so what, after a 12 year absence, makes anyone think he can now? This isn’t intended as a knock, it’s just fact. Go and watch his match with William Regal in WCW. Hell, watch any of his WWE fights. His entire appeal is to burst through the smoke, hit a spear, hit a jackhammer, win and leave. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except that it’s at Wrestlemania, for the title, against Brock Lesnar. It’s cliched, but the dude looks exhausted just from making it to the ring, so there’s no way he could hold out for even just a 10 minute match. Whatever happens, this will be so, so short. It’ll be just like losing your virginity – a ton of build up for a speedy finish.

It Shatters Your Suspension Of Disbelief
Brock Lesnar lost to Goldberg in mere seconds. That’s insane. The guy is a legitimate UFC champion that could probably murder you with a stare, let alone those freakish shoulders and sickening arms. He’s called the Beast for a reason, and yet a minute into a match he was beaten by a 50 year old. Lesnar is supposedly nigh on unbeatable. He never took a pin during his last title reign, he ended the Undertaker’s streak… and yet he lost in a single minute. And then the Universal Champion of 6 months, the guy supposedly at the very top of the company, goes through the exact same fate, but in even less time. What that’s suggesting, is that a 50 year old man without a solitary wrestling match in 12 years is better than your top champion wrestler, and your most legitimate actual fighter. And not just better. ‘Beat them in a minute’ better.


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