DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League #17 & 3 Futures With Legion Of Superheroes Rebirth, Green Lantern Earth Corps & Lex Luthor?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Justice League #17.

Part 3 of the Justice League cross-time caper to save the timeline from the threat of Tempus and the Timeless continue.

Each of the Justice League members are scattered across time with Superman and Batman battling I the present I believe, Aquaman in Ancient Atalantis, Wonder Woman in Ancient Greece with the Flash in Central City before the Speedforce was created.

The remaining heroes are in the future.

Cyborg is in the 30th Century, the era just prior to the Legion of Superheroes (LOSH) forming and getting the DC Rebirth treatment.

Cyborg is with a young future Legionnaire Brainac 5 who gives Cyborg the ability to fly by converting his flight bracelet for kids too…

…a flight ring for adults! This I the DC Rebirth origin of the Legion of Superheroes / LOSH flight ring.

At the same time, Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are battling the Timless with the aid of Earth’s Green Lantern “Earth Corps” with costumes similar in look to future Legionnaire and Green Lantern Earth Man.

All the Justice Leaguers in their times are confronting the Timeless including Cyborg and the Green Lanterns Baz and Cruz.

Tempus reveals his plans to collapse time to Superman while…

…Batman finds an ally in their battle against the Timeless…

…Lex Luthor’s future adult daughter?


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