DC Comics January 2018 Solicitations Spoilers: DC TV On The CW Leads To The Legends Of Justice League Detroit Getting The “Omnibus” Treatment

DC Comics January 2018 Solicitations Spoilers follow.

DC Comics will be collecting the “Detroit Era” Justice League in January 2018 in Omnibus form. This was the last take on the Justice League before the 1986 Legends mini-series that ushered in the Suicide Squad as well as the Justice League International era of laughs and chuckles.

This was what was promised in Legends to follow Justice League Detroit.

This is what fans got.

Anyhow, considering that so many of the Justice League Detroit era new team members at the time have made their way into DC TV on the CW this is a collection that is well timed for modern fans.

Here is a who’s who on the Justice League Detroit.

These four newbies of that era adorn your TV screens as part of the CW’s DC TV programming.

And now the solicit.

      (Not actual cover, but a DC Comics house ad at the time.)


      The complete adventures of Aquaman leading the Justice League of America into action are collected here in this oversize omnibus graphic novel! The ‘Detroit Era’ of the Justice League finally have their adventures collected in their entirety for the first time ever!

      On Sale January 16 2018 • 800 pages

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