DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League Of America #4 Concludes DC vs. Marvel Analogues Battle With Lord Havok & The Extremists!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Justice League Of America #4 follow.

The book opens with Earth 8’s Lord Havok and the Extremists battling the Justice League of America to hold onto land they have taken control on the Earth 0 / Prime of the DC Rebirth era.

Earth 8 bio / who’s who from the Multiversity Guidebook is here.

DC Rebirth’s Lord Havok is the all-powerful Marvel Comics’ Doctor Doom analogue.

Ok, back to Justice League of America #4.

Vixen is the one that takes out Lord Havok, not Batman, by using the poison of a toad whose essence she manifested using her Tantu Totem; Lord Havok’s armor is actually skin not protective armor per se which allowed Vixen to slowly poison him in battle.

The Justice League of America and the people of Kravikdras rebelled against Lord Havok and his Extremists and overthrew them.

The book ends in Justice League of America headquarters, which I think is ye olde Justice Mountain, relaxing after their successful first mission.

The team kept trophies from their battle with Lord Havok including the Thor analogue’s hammer and Captain America analogue’s shield.

We end with a flashback to Lord Havok’s Earth 8 / Angor battle where he killed the Captain America analogue and stole his shield.

In that battle the Blue Jay shrunk down to an impossible size and found something unexpected….

….could this be the microverse and could it cross the multiverse and connect worlds?

Time will tell as next arc focuses on Lobo and not the search for the Ray Palmer Atom.

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