Marvel Comics & Secret Empire Spoilers & Review: Secret Empire #2 BIG Surprise Changes Everything & Do The Avengers Kill On Road To Marvel Legacy?

Here we are 4 issues into the 11-part Secret Empire event with Secret Empire #2 on the journey to Generations and Marvel Legacy.

The Secret Empire event so far:

Marvel Comics and Secret Empire Spoilers follow for Secret Empire #2.

We already know about that HUGE game-changing ending to this issue, with Marvel having 2 Steve Rogers now and not just the 1 Hydra Captain America (spoilers here), as it leaked early. Does this somehow lead to Generations and its purported doppelgängers?

That said, Secret Empire #2 still has some other crazy moments in issues #2.

We learn about what Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube, has been up to over the last few years of…

…Marvel Comics events and storylines.

In addition, The Black Widow takes charge looking for a team of Marvel heroes to…

…kill Steve Rogers / Captain America / Hydra’s leader as she thinks he’s probably doppelgänger like a Life Model Decoy (LMD) or something else.

Her “Avengers” challenge her blood-lust while…

…Miles Morales, Spider-Man, reminds them of the vision from a previous Marvel event that showed him eventually killing a Captain America.


A lot of movement and explanation this issue with a last page that was genuinely a game-changer. I’m not sure a doppelgänger trope will appease readers who are not pleased with the hero-as-villain trope that Secret Empire is based on. Action should pick up witjh Secret Empire #3. 7 out 10 for this issue.

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