DVD Reviews: Rugrats Seasons 1 & 2, The Loud House & Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies

This month’s offerings from Nickelodeon cover nostalgia, a hit and their latest sensation.

Rugrats quickly became one of Nickelodeon’s signature animated shows when it debuted in 1991. The series focused on a band of toddlers including Tommy ( E.G. Daily), Chuckie (Nancy Cartwright), twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica (Cheryl Chase). Now that the kids who watched Rugrats are now having their own rugrats, it makes sense that they’ll be eager to share the adventures of the Pickles including Grandpa Lou Pickles (Charlie’s Angels’ David Doyle) with their little ones. Rugrats Season 1 and Rugrats: Season 2 are being released on DVD. The previous season sets were DVD-Rs that were burned on demand. So now you get a real DVD that can handle Reptar. Season One has 13 episodes on 2 DVDs. Season Two has 26 episodes on 4 DVDs. Second season has the extremely fun “Reptar On Ice” episode. There’s always a laugh in sticking people in costumes on ice skates.

Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies allows the swimming and singing watery characters a chance to enjoy a comic book hero’s life. The episodes include “Super Guppies!,” “X Marks the Spot,” “Haunted House Party,” “The Unidentified Flying Orchestra” and “Police Cop-etition.” There’s a lot of lying and cap from for preschoolers to enjoy with the usual catchy songs.

The Loud House: Welcome to the Loud House is Nickelodeon’s newest hit. The premise is a boy having to deal with his sisters. But Lincoln Loud has 10 sisters in his house and they each have their own way of doing things. His parents aren’t much help because they’re never around. He’s just got to figure how to survive in a place where he’s severely outnumbered. Oddly enough, Josie enjoys this show because of the various sisters aren’t just merely background extras. The Loud House: Welcome to the Loud House – Season 1, Volume 1 has 13 episodes spread over 2 DVDs.

Here’s Josie’s review of the DVDs and her gushing praise for The Loud House:

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