Marvel Comics & ResurrXion Spoilers & Review: Cable #1 Brings Back An X-Men & X-Force’s Veteran To His Time Traveling Roots! Deadpool MIA!

Marvel Comics has been a cruel mistress for me with their stealth cancellation of series I was reading and enjoying such as Squadron Supreme…

…Thunderbolts with the Winter Soldier…

…and The Prowler.

With those cancellations, I thought my Marvel reading was done until I heard of Astonishing X-Men with the monthly series return of Bishop and Gambit plus a new ongoing Cable series.

So, here we are, waiting for Astonishing X-Men #1, but we have a pretty interesting issue of Resurrxion’s Cable #1 in our hands.

Marvel Comics and ResurrXion Spoilers and Review for Cable #1 follow.

Cable #1 opens with Nathan Summers going back to his time traveling roots.

He’s on the hunt for someone in the Wild West of 1874…

…who has armed local outlaws with futuristic weapons.

Cable subdues them and interogates another one. He doesn’t know who the mystery person is, just that they just popped into existence and left the same way not before…

…leaving behind alien like crop circles, but in the sand instead of crop.

Cable somehow then follows that mystery person’s trail to actual crop circles in crop…

…in 1543 Japan.

Hes discovers a burning village; a city burning due to mean with swords of fire…

…who Cable confronts!

However, they were expecting him, and they have been armed by Cable’s mystery prey.

The end of the issue looks bleak for Cable as his cybernetic arm is detached in battle by a fire blade.


An action-packed first issue that hits the ground running. Still some mystery in the book about who Cable’s prey is, but it’s to see Cable back in his time travel roots. The art was dynamic as well and suited the story. 8 out of 10.

Despite Cable set to appear in Deadpool’s next film, Deadpool is MIA in this issue. šŸ™

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