The Fantasy Book on The McMahon Games: A Beginning (Brock Lesnar, Alexa Bliss, New Titles)

Good greetings to all on this fine day. We are about to embark on a new journey. This is a road the Fantasy Book has not traveled before, but it is an intriguing one. I imagine this journey will take a few weeks, so please bear with me as we navigate our way around a few potholes and see if we can bring something new into focus.

A little background before we begin. About a month ago, a friend of mine asked me what I would do to fix wrestling. In this case, she was talking about the WWE product, both Raw and Smackdown! Live. I ran through a few ideas and then started to brainstorm a couple more. There columns have come about through the result of that conversation – the Goldust resurrection, the Aggression title, and the Disqualification rule adjustments.

But what may be one of the more interesting ideas from my brain in a while (at least in regards to professional wrestling), also stemmed from that conversation. A seed took place that day and rooted itself to the idea of being something enjoyable, interesting, and different. That idea is the McMahon Games.

In short, the McMahon Games is a one-off event that we will fantasy book here. It will be a tournament of sorts, but not exactly. It could be a pay-per-view event in much the same way the King of the Ring was or the Royal Rumble or the Survivor Series are. It could stand alone from the current storylines, continue existing storylines, or even jumpstart some new ones. It would be a perfect fit on the WWE Network which is always looking for product.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the event, we need to adjust the landscape of the WWE just a little. A week and a half or so ago, Sam Keola published a column on this site where he floated the idea of one Woman’s World Champion. I am not sure a separate show is needed, but the idea of a Woman’s World Champion who would be the top woman on both brands is something I have pondered as well.

So, to get set for the McMahon Games, we would adjust the title picture a little bit, and we will make sure to play some games as well. First off, we would change the name of the Universal Title to the Raw Title. The WWE Title over on Smackdown! Live would  become the Smackdown Title. The Raw Woman’s Title and the Smackdown Woman’s Title would remain the same.

Then, we would add two titles. These two titles would be over the current titles. We would get a WWE World Heavyweight Title and a WWE World Woman’s Title. The top contenders to these titles would be the respective Raw and Smackdown champions.  It would also provide some pretty regular main events for any of the PPVs.

So let’s play this out. We will start with the WWE World Woman’s Title. A major match between Alexa Bliss and Naomi would be scheduled and promoted for Smackdown! Live. It would be the main event of the show and the winner would become the first WWE World Woman’s Champion. I imagine the WWE would want someone with solid mic skills to hold the new belt, so let’s go with Bliss winning that match.

With Alexa Bliss becoming the WWE World Woman’s Champion, the Raw Woman’s Title would be open. And while some might claim that Nia Jax should get a shot at the belt, the best scenario, in my mind, would be a Bayley versus Sasha Banks matchup with the winner getting the Raw Woman’s Title. If they can put on something similar to what they did in NXT, it would be good enough to main event a Raw episode or at least have a high profile slot on another PPV.

Now we get to the WWE World Heavyweight Title. In a match between Brock Lesnar, which would be promoted and built up on Raw. Just like the women, this champion versus champion match would determine the new top champion.

Two matchups like this would and should be promoted heavily. We’re talking Shark Week promotion here. If built up properly, this could provide some of the best ratings the WWE has had in a very long while. After all, here are main event matches on two consecutive days where the Raw and Smackdown champions would go against each other.  And they wouldn’t be unification matches but instead would be to determine THE World champion for the company.

Now a Brock Lesnar versus Jinder Mahal match does not sound all that interesting, but it would be a challenge for Paul Heyman to sell. The match itself would not be anything amazing given the wrestlers involved. Mahal would obviously destroy Lesnar. Ha. No, of course the match would go Lesnar’s way and Mahal would be taken to Suplex City early and often.

To fill the Raw Champion spot, the powers-that-be would be super excited to shove Roman Reigns down our throats again. Reigns would probably win a match between he, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and let’s say Jason Jordan for shits and giggles. Then, I would put the Raw title on Reigns just to screw with everyone.

Once the new World Champions have been established – Alexa Bliss and Brock Lesnar, respectively, we can take a look at the McMahon Games event. Like I mentioned before, this is new. This is fresh. This is born out of a desire to make professional wrestling fun again. So let’s get to it…

Next week…

That is all I have time for this week. We set the stage for the McMahon Games by setting up a new World Heavyweight title, a new World Woman’s Title, as well as crowning a new Raw champion and a new Raw Women’s champion. So next week we will begin the games. One hint, every superstar on the main rosters will be involved with maybe a few surprises.

Join us next week .. Good day.


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