Marvel & Netflix’s “The Defenders” Recaps By Penny, Episode 2; Mean Right Hook

We open with a fire truck roaring down a new york street and pan up to find Matt on a gargoyle somewhere, listening to all the panic in the city post-earthquake. He hears one conversation where someone is clearly about to be robbed and murdered and decides he can’t ignore it. He runs to the scene and kicks the burglar’s ass before he can kill some kids. The guy asks him who he is, and Matt has no answers. He storms off into the night. Opening credits.

Trish is on the phone on her way to work and finds her car in a sinkhole. She gets to the radio station and talks about the earthquake, which city officials are calling a 4.2 magnitude quake. A caller however says she’s a geologist, and whatever happened last night was not an earthquake. Trish is shocked but the caller gets cut off. Trish assumes it’s an issue with phone lines, until her assistant tells her the cut-off order came from upstairs, ordering them to play up the earthquake. Missy meanwhile gets called to what I’m assuming is the apartment Jessica was searching when the earthquake hit, as CSU is sorting through and recovering the explosives. Missy wonders if they belong to whomever they’re chasing. Jessica called it in and is still on scene. Missy goes overe to find her mouthing off at the cop taking her statement. Jessica grabs one of the explosive bars and slips out as Missy tries to catch her but loses her.

Colleen finds Danny meditating on her kitchen floor when she wakes up, and they talk about the man who died in the Cambodian sewer knowing he was the Iron Fist. Danny pulls his loner “this is my fight” schtick and she calls him on his bullshit, telling him he’s not alone, that he has allies. She tells him it’s a risk worth taking to find help. She tells him the katana the dead man was fighting with is a rare variation of the blade and they can start there. He’s still reluctant to trust other people. She tells him to trust HER. Matt is back in his loft, shaky and out of breath. He’s clearly bothered by the previous night, and he fetches his chest. He opens it and blindly stares in the direction of the Daredevil suit, but is distracted by a call from Foggy.

Luke is doing the heavy lifting in Harlem, helping people clean up after the damage. Claire asks him why he’s interested in going to a criminal dive bar, and he explains the killings Misty told him about. He says he has to look out for Harlem. Claire tells him where he should go to find criminals instead of the bar he was going to go to.

Alexandra is clearly loaded, as she’s enjoying a violin quartet by herself. She talks to the musical director she donated to to get the performance. Gao comes in to tell her their people have discovered a wall they can’t destroy or tear down, covered in ancient symbols. Gao wants to rethink the plan, but Alexandra thinks it’s a door and that whatever is behind it need simply be unlocked, because the ancient ones were predictable and petty.

Jessica is in some kind of records room digging through folders and files, looking for some kind of connection between the explosives and the missing architect.She finds something that irritates her. She asks for records dating back further on the shell companies she’s found than 1918 and she’s told she needs to go to the historical branch. Before she can do that, Jeri Hogarth shows up and says they need to talk.

Foggy and Matt are at Josie’s like old times. Foggy compliments Matt on the settlement from last episode. They awkwardly catch up, and Matt thanks Foggy for reaching out. And Foggy’s haircut is REALLY distracting. Foggy can tell from Matt’s knuckles that he gave in last night, and asks how he is. He wants to help Matt through this by burying him in legal cases. He figures if Matt is busy helping good people who need justice he’ll be too busy to “go out at night”. Matt asks what if it doesn’t work? Foggy says at least they’ll have tried.

Jessica asks if Jeri is having her followed. Jeri asks her to be careful and walk away lest the feds give her real trouble. She says whatever the explosives are about, several federal agencies are involved now and she doesn’t want Jessica caught in the crossfire. Jessica is skeptical at best, and doesn’t buy the missing architect as a potential terrorist. She tells Jeri to save herself time and just stop worrying about her.

Luke goes to the place Claire sent him to grill a guy for info. He’s directed to find some guy called Whitehead, who is likely behind the killings of street kids doing jobs for him. Colleen and Danny break in to some place that looks like it could be a museum of old Japanese weaponry. They search the place as quietly as they can, and discover some very unsettling and still bloody torture devices, complete with some dead bodies. They deduce someone was dragged away and figure the Hand is probably responsible.

Luke stakes out a building and sees a man who fits the description he got for Whitehead. He calls Misty but then spots someone familiar and hangs up before giving her an address to arrest him at. Jeri pulls Foggy aside and asks him to keep an eye on Jessica, off the books. They never had this conversation but if Jessica goes off the rails he’s to keep it as far away from them as possible. Trish calls Jessica worried about being ordered to cover up the truth about the earthquake. Jess finds the architect in her office.

Danny is wondering why these dead people hasd a painting of Kun Lun on their wall. They hear someone coming and hide. A clean-up crew arrives to whitewash the crime scene. Raymond, the architect, has Malcom at gunpoint and tells Jessica that someone is after him and he’s afraid they’ll kill his family. He babbles that he was “trying to stop them”. Someone shows up shooting and Raymond kills himself while Jessica chases the mystery assailant. She loses him, but finds Misty instead, who’s there to arrest her.

Danny and Colleen interrupt and beat up the clean up crew, interrogating them. They say they’re just a hired crew, and Danny runs into Luke, who followed his informant buddy here. They predictably have their superhero misunderstanding fight. Luke no sells everything Danny throws at him until Danny pulls the light brite fist, and cops choose THAT exact moment to show up. Danny and Colleen bolt, as does Luke, and the hired clean up crew get arrested.

Alexandra meets someone in the dark, and it turns out to be Stick. She says everyone on his side is dead and they have a lot to talk about. Misty interrogates Jessica about the evidence she stole from the crime scene and blames her for Raymond’s suicide. She wants to know who she was chasing. Oddly, that’s when Matt conveniently walks in, orders her to take the 5th, and says he’s her attorney.

End of episode.

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