DC Comics Rebirth & Batman #31 Spoilers & Review: The War Of Jokes & Riddles Part 5, Joker Vs. Riddler, Gets More Deadly With Catwoman?

DC Comics Rebirth and Batman #31 Spoilers and Review follows.

We actually get a variant cover by Tim Sale that actually depicts a scene in this book featuring Catwoman.

Batman #31, the War of Jokes and Riddles Part 5 pitting the Gotham City rogues of the Riddler vs. the rogues of the Joker, opens with the Joker feeling mischievous, angry and stabby.

Batman and the Riddler are planning to confront the Joker in his building, but its booby trapped. However, while Riddler think Batman was a man inside, he actually has…

…has a woman outside as depicted on the variant cover.

The Joker is not pleased to see her, shoots and she tumbles…

…readers are then reminded that this set-in-the-past arc is really pillow talk in the present between Batman and Catwoman after Batman proposed marriage. Batman needs her to know this story before she decides on an answer. In the past, we see Catwoman save herself from the fall.

Plan B has Batman and the rogues of the Riddler attack the building in Kite-Man’s kites!

It appears the Riddler has the upperhand on the Joker, and then he and his Rogues turn on Batman and Kite-Man, but the Bat and the Kite anticipated that so the kites pull the Riddler’s rogues from the fray…

…as Kite-Man gets a sense of revenge for what the Riddler did to his son and, in the end, leaving…

…the Riddler and the Joker to confront each other with Batman in the middle.

It appears what happens next is what Batman wants Catwoman know in the present about the past before she decides on how to respond to his wedding proposal.


Another interesting issue with strong yet unfamiliar characterization of the core villains and even Batman. Catwoman rings true though and Tom King’s yarn and Mikel Janin’s art are entertaining nonetheless. 7 out of 10.

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