WWE Studios: The Marine 3: Homefront (The Miz)


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DVD Release Date: March 5, 2013

Who’s ready to be shocked? The Marine 3: Homefront is NOT a terrible movie. I know, I know. It took my off guard too. While I surely don’t mean to imply that it’s some kind of masterpiece, it is worth noting that the third installment of WWE Studios’ most prolific franchise is arguably better than the first two.

John Cena kicked the franchise off, Ted DiBiase (Jr.) nearly killed it dead, and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is charged with resuscitating it. Miz is playing an entirely new character, so this is really a sequel in name only. Several WWE Studios’ veterans are involved though, beginning with writer/director Scott Wiper, who helmed “The Condemned,” and co-wrote “Homefront” with veteran b-movie horror scribe Declan O’Brien. The supporting cast around Miz includes Neal McDonough (“Walking Tall”), as well as Ashley Bell and Michael Eklund from “The Day.”

Miz plays Sgt. Jake Carter, a career marine from a small town outside of Seattle. He reconnects with his best friend and police chief Harkin (Jared Keeso), as well as his sisters Lilly (Bell) and Amanda (Camille Sullivan). But the happy times are short lived. A group of militants led by the awesomely named Jonah Pope (McDonough) is wreaking havoc through the town, allegedly fighting back against the tyranny of capitalism. You know, by robbing banks and setting off bombs and stuff. Like the two “Marine” films before it, this one also uses a kidnapping as a plot device, but this time it’s the main character’s sister that gets taken, instead of a love interest. At least it’s slightly different.

“Homefront” has a certain charm that recalls ‘80s action films, which hold a special place in my heart. Few would probably argue that this straight-to-DVD offering is a great film, and while it offers zero surprises it also doesn’t try to be anything more than it is. Miz is capable in the lead role, much more so than I would’ve thought. He certainly seems to be better than the first choice for the role, Hardcore Holly, or the second choice, Randy Orton, who was removed from the role when real Marines pointed out that Orton was dishonorably discharged in the past. As the lead villain, McDonough could likely play this kind of role in his sleep, but he does lend credibility to the whole operation and helps elevate it above its predecessors.

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