Impact Wrestling 10/12/17 Recap – Moose and Bonnar Destroy American Top Team

Johnny Impact complains about Jim Cornette, who says that he wants a clear winner between Garza and Impact tonight to see who faces Eli at BFG. Garza talks about representing his entire country tonight. LAX comes down and they cut an intense promo on OVE. Diamante attacks and gets shoved before a brawl breaks out. A 5150 street fight for the titles is set up for BFG and they biel one of them over the top through a table. Eddie Edwards is shown as GHC Champion in NOAH before we see Lashley and Moose brawl in AAA and we get a recap of their rivalry to this point.

Rosemary comes down to face Hannah Harper, whose name makes Josh ponder if she’s from the Marvel universe with a name like that. Red Wedding ends it and gets everyone an easy payday. Taya comes down and mists Rosemary. Moose is shown being kicked out ATT last week and Taryn comes down in a tiny tutu. Taryn cuts a promo on Gail and her new TV show being divorce court. They brawl for a bit and we get an Alberto promo. Well, that’s unexpected. It was all pre-recorded stuff, but he’s got to be coming back at some point for that to even air.

McKenzie chats with Allie, KM, Texano, and Caleb Konley for their “random tag team match later tonight”. Welcome to Impact! We get another full recap of the Rosemary-Taya deal. Did they shoot 20 minutes of new content for the show? Cornette says that Taya will face Rosemary next week and we get a Grado video showing Joseph Park riding around with some hookers in a nice car before Grado sees through him. Allie, Desmon Zavier, and Storm face Caleb, Sienna, and Texano here. There’s not much to the match beyond Texano and Storm brawling, Allie jumping on Sienna, and Storm pinning Caleb with the superkick. So they throw three random feuds together and then don’t have anyone involved in a feud pin the other way.

We see Eli defending his title in NOAH before getting clips of Eddie Edwards defending the GHC Title against Marafuji. Global Forged airs and hypes upĀ  Jon Bolen as the trainer for BCW. Scott says he’s been in TNA,WWE, and now Impact. Jon tells a guy to make him believe that he can beat him. Konnan and LAX are in the compound and hype up Homicide returning for BFG. Moose goes to ATT with Stephan Bonnar and they bring weapons. All righty. Garza comes down to face Johnny Impact, who desperately needs a new name, theme, and overall presentation. Garza is giving a lot to shine in this match, with him getting an outstanding moonsault and superkick alongside a rocking horse. Impact wins with a cradle before he chats with Cornette and Adonis clobbers him with a plank of wood. Moose and Bonnar vandalize ATT’s gym, steal their belts, and Moose calls dibs on some socks. Well, that was certainly odd.

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