DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Titans #16 & How Dead Is Wally West Kid Flash? How Does This Impact The Flash War? Who’s The Next Hero Turned Villain?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Titans #16 follow.

The adult Wally West, the Flash, has been revealed to have a heart problem, tied to his use of the Speed Force and exerting himself, in recent months culmintating in a heart attach last issue.

Titans #16 opens with the younger Wally West, the Kid Flash of the Teen Titans, feeling he is need elsewhere as…

…the older Wally West appears dead.

Psimon, the villain behind the current arc, is mind controlling allies of the Titans and emphatically states Wally West is dead.

The Key and Mr. Twister enter the fray and are working with Psimon; they’r ultimate goal is open a portal for “her” and the Titans are key to doing just that.

Wally West, the Kid Flash, witnesses the Titans vs. the villains and…

…also believes Wally West, the Flash to be dead!

The book ends with the portal opened and…

…an adult Donna Troy, from the future, named Troia…

…confronting everyone!

I’m a big fan of this Titans book from story to art, but considering we know the Flash War is coming in January 2018, with the adult Wally West vying with Barry Allen over the mantle of the Flash, we know Wally survives. Plus, he was a key part of DC Universe Rebirth #1 and should also be one for Doomsday Clock.

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