DC Comics Rebirth & Detective Comics #967 Spoilers & Review: Batman Vs. Tim Drake Red Robin! Conner Kent Superboy & Teen Titans Tomorrow Fates At Risk?

DC Comics Rebirth and Detective Comics #967 Spoilers follow.

Detective Comics #967 opens with Batman still obsessing about Tim Drake / Red Robin’s supposed murder several issues ago when…

…in fact he was a prisoner of Mr. Oz who turns out is Superman’s dad Jor-el! Batman doesn’t know that yet, but he does now know that Time Drake is alive and his beacon has just gone off.

Tim Drake is in hospital after being trapped by Mr. Oz, in battle with Doomsday and inhured by his future self as the Batman from Teen Titans Tomorrow or the future Justice League.

The medical staff save his life as Bruce Wayne enters the room, demands to see his son and orders everyone to clear the room because he owns the hospital! Then we get the father and son reunion, but Tim Drake has to warn the Gotham Knights (what he always called the heroes of Detective Comics, in his head anyway, as revealed later in the issue while Batwoman just calls them the “Team”).

We have a reunion with the Gotham Knights team where Tim Drake tells them his future self is formidable, having defeated Doomsday, and that he is after Batwoman who he believes will due something in the near future that will create the future he’s from that he doesn’t want to exist. A future where he is Batman and he has a friend named Conner Kent, who goes from Superboy to Superman, but that Conner Kent for some reason doesn’t exist in the present giving the future Tim Drake Batman the belief that the future can be changed if the past has been (by Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen set to take on Superman and the Justice League in the upcoming 12 part Doomsday Clock maxi-series). So, by changing the past and killing Batwoman the future Tim Drake may lead to the end of Titans Tomorrow and no more Conner Kent at all despite him being MIA in Rebirth so far anyway.

Future Tim Drake as Batman spies of the present day Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, who he still loves. He leaves before she can see him. Interestingly she was listening to a report from the goings on of this week’s Action Comics #990 and Mr. Oz.

Future Tim Drake than heads to Wayne Manor and meets Alfred Pennyworth, who is likely long dead in the future, but is confronted by…

…Nightwing (Dick Grayson, Robin I), Red Hood (Jason Todd, Robin II) and Robin (Damian Wayne, Robin V if you consider Tim Drake Robin III and Stephanie Brown as Robin IV) plus Ace the Bathound.

They end up the Batcve where all of teh Gotham Knights team are where the adult Tim Drake Batman hastens a project Batman has been working on that will change things…

…OMAC and the Brother Eye!


A roller coster of an issue with great art. Enjoyable. 8 out 10.

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