WWE Raw 11/13/17 Recap – The Shield vs. The Bar

The under seige attack from three weeks ago is shown. The HOLY COW from Cole remains hilarious. The Bar is shown winning the tag titles thanks to the New Day last week. Steph starts the show off to kill it dead and/or build up/tear down the roster if they don’t do what she wants. Steph talks about needing leaders to do the work that she doesn’t want to do – including Kurt Angle. She asks Kurt how New Day got in the building and he says he didn’t know – so she buries him for being honest. She says the crowd sort of cheers for him and buries him for putting his son on Team Raw, and burying his lack of achievements and skills. Steph is burying Jordan ALMOST as well as Booker T does on a weekly basis. Steph then buries Kurt for losing Cena to SmackDown. Steph buries Kurt for being old and says he can’t even beat up Shane. Steph prepares to fire Kurt after a mere 11 minutes of insulting him before the Shield returns.

Then Steph buries them for not getting a huge reaction and they put over Kurt. She buries him and the crowd for the “he’s still got it” chant. Then she buries the Shield for losing the tag titles. Roman says they do what they want – not what she tells them. Shield makes New Day vs. The Shield at the PPV and then after this, they announce The Shield’s return tonight against Miz and the Bar. Also, a triple threat to determine another member of Team Raw’s female team. Dana, Mickie, and Bayley have a wacky three-way tieup to start before a toss out to the floor sends us to a break.

Mickie hits a neckbreaker on Bayley before hitting a flying hair mare to Dana. Dana goes after Asuka, who KOs her with a spin kick. Mickie-T is countered into the Bayley to belly to win it. Bayley joins Team Raw. Team Raw hugs and Alicia’s wacky hat gets more stuff on it all the time. Enzo and Gulak walk backstage. Enzo comes down being all wacky while Drew does a subdued variant of his intro. Enzo vs. Kalisto is made for the pre-show. Enzo asks how ya doing and Drew says he’s doing great – tremendous. Drew’s speech is rudely interrupted by Kalisto’s theme, and also the war cry of Tozawa. Drew and Tozawa start off, but Kalisto blind tags himself in for a double missile dropkick and an ad break. Kalisto botches the flying Thesz press into Enzo. Tozawa hits a missile dropkick to Gulak, who isn’t legal. Tozawa dives on Enzo on the floor before Kalisto dives onto Gulak. Enzo hits Eat Defeat on Tozawa to win.

We get a recap of Steph burying everyone. Team Raw is backstage and Kurt tells them to all get along for the sake of the brand. Jordan faces Bray and Braun demands Kane, so Kurt just gives him that. Jordan needs help to get over, so they put him against Bray. Joy! Miz comes down with his goons for Miz TV and buries Baron for not being on TV. Cole says the Bar should be ashamed and Sheamus points out that their opponents were distracted. After a thousand hours, Cesaro says they’ll jaiilbreak the Uso penetentary. The Raw opening video re-airs. New Day accepts the Shield’s challenge for the PPV via Twitter.

Bray’s reveal got a nice reaction – that’s a good sign. Jason Jordan comes down to no reaction. Jason Jordan tries to use traditional amateur wrestling techniques against the cult leader from the swamp. As ya do. Bray knows the rules and uses the ropes to attack him. Bray does the spider walk and Jordan just kicks him. FINALLY SOMEONE DOES THAT. Sadly, he misses a charge against the barricade and we go to a break. Shockingly, Bray has him in a post-break chinlock before booting him around a bit. Uranage hits and he goes for Abigail, so Jason just slugs him. Jordan counters Abigail with a schoolboy and wins, to a sea of boos. They pipe in cheers and Bray gets cheers for kicking his ass. A “thank you Wyatt” chant breaks out. Boy has their booking of Jordan been just perfect. Kurt leaves Steph’s side to check on JJ. Jordan tries to leave and puts all of his weight on the bad leg. Bad plan, and the crowd chants the goodbye song for him. Wow. Jordan and Angle argue.

Brock and Heyman come down. AJ is shown winning the title on SD. Crowd does the sing-along bit for Heyman, who talks about why you should subscribe to the Network. Heyman puts over AJ like a million bucks and a fan apparently proposed. “She only said yes because SHE’S NEVER BEEN CLOSE TO A BEAST LIKE BROCK LESNAR!” Heyman continues to put over AJ as the man on a roll only second to Brock and he’s a champion that can be respected and revered. Brock shakes hands with fans before The Shield faces The Bar and Miz.

The poor heels get no intro. Dean and Seth double-team Cesaro. Booker rambles on about being proud of SmackDown before talking about being on Raw now and talking about the history of Survivor Series being in ’87 and now being about brand pride. Seth and Dean dive onto The Bar and Miz runs from Roman. Pop-up springboard uppercut meets a Superman punch. Miz gets a cradle for 2 on Roman. Deeds to Sheamus and Miz is trapped. He eats a spear that the crowd is chanting for and the triple powerbomb ends it. This is all working at getting Roman over again. We get an overly-dramatic recap from Cole on the issues between Kane and Braun. Kane cuts an overly-wordy promo about destroying Braun at TLC and then again tonight.

Lita vs. Trish is shown as Raw’s first women’a main event. It’s the match where Lita had that sick landing off the suicide dive, and won the title. Kurt comes down and says that Stephanie has inspired him. He announces that Jason was hurt and gets a huge “yes” chant for it. He wants to name a replacement and Jordan comes down and acts. Terribly. This is at least so bad, it’s good and Jordan’s turn on Kurt is going to be tremendous. Steph comes down and then HHH comes down after the show freezes for a bit on USA. HHH is now the fifth member of Team Raw. Why the COO, who should be impartial, is on a team for this is beyond me. HHH gets a big NXT chant and then KICKWHAMPEDIGREES Jordan. Dude’s just dead.

We get a recap of Jason Jordan being buried by HHH. Balor and Joe comes out to face The Club. Joe sets up Finn to be beaten up, but Joe eats a shot for him. The commentators spend the whole match putting HHH over and treat him like he’s the real leader of the team. Balor gets the Pele kick to Luke before Joe comes in and runs wild. Coup de grace to Karl ends it. Joe leaves because he can and came off like a badass. Cole hypes the PPV up big-time. Charly interviews Alexa about facing either Charlotte or Nattie at the PPV. She takes credit for Raw being the A show and says that she just DVRs SmackDown and then forgets to watch. Wow. Kalisto’s birthday is hyped up for 205 Live. Holy Jesus is that doomed.

At 10:59, Kane comes down for the main event. We get another recap of their issues before Braun comes down and we get a brawl. The match never actually gets started, so they just fight with steps and a table. They tease a superplex off the top to the floor through a table, but Braun fights back and hits a double sledge off the top. He hits the running powerslam to Kane through the ring. And then Raw just ends. Wow was that ever a thing.