Communities Are Running To Join Together and Raise Awareness

Running has become an activity that can bring entire communities together! Not only is it a fun way to work out, but it is extremely healthy. It is also easy to do in groups. This is a great way to bring people together for a common goal. There are various ways this can happen. Here are some of the ways you can use running to build community and raise awareness of certain issues.

Raise Awareness of Diseases and Research

This is probably the most popular reason to hold a community run. There are several worthy organizations that get part of their fundraising through community running and walking events. The March of Dimes raises money to provide research to stop premature birth in babies. Relay for Life actually named their charity after their walks that are designed to provide money for cancer research. Every year in September, hundreds of thousands of people participate in yellow ribbon walks to end childhood cancer. All of these walks are for a good cause. They are another example of a fun way to get the community together for a bigger purpose or goal.

Raise Awareness of Medical Need

There is a lot of need for qualified professionals within the medical community. When hospitals are understaffed, they cannot perform well. All medical personnel are essential to giving good patient care. Some of the most popular medical professions include doctors, dentists, therapists, nurses, and assistants. Organizing walks and runs are an excellent way to raise awareness of needs within the community. It can also create a sense of community for professionals already working in that field. Medical facilities also need things like blood and plasma. Awareness for these needs may also be raised through community running activities.

Raise Fitness Awareness

Running is a great way to stay in shape. Even if the event is not made to raise awareness of something, it can still help with community fitness goals. Events such as color runs, zombie runs, or inflatable obstacle courses are wonderful ways to bring people together for fitness. Methods such as star sprint training can help community members prepare for these events. This method of high interval training can be strenuous. However, it is a wonderful way to get in shape either by yourself or in a group. There are some runs that are harder than others. A regular 5k would be one of the easier options. The benefit of this is that more people can participate. Events such as Spartan Sprints are for more seasoned athletes. Overall, however, there is a run that can fit any community.

Raise Local Awareness

Running is also a wonderful way to help local people in need. There is always someone that needs help. Popular causes include house fires, auto accidents, illness in the family, and sudden disability. Walks can help raise funds for these individuals. They can also help to fund community organizations like libraries, arts programs, athletic teams, fire and police departments, and parks departments. They may even be used to raise environmental awareness on a local level. It can be used to raise funding and awareness of the need for local river clean ups or highways cleanings. It can even raise awareness for the need for local legislation in a number of areas. No matter what the reason, community running and walking are a healthy way to bring people together to give help where help is needed.

Running is an excellent workout. Not only that, but it is a great community building activity. Towns and communities across the nation are using running and walking as a tool to bring their community members together. Whether it is to raise funding and awareness of diseases, promote group exercise, raise awareness of medical needs, or to help provide services to a local family or organization, running is an excellent way to bring families and communities together!


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