Impact Wrestling 11/23/17 Recap – The Turkey Suit Returns

Josh and JB chat about it being Josh’s birthday before showing clips of the 2008 turkey bowl and Alex Shelley being forced it into by Mick Foley. Boy was that a top-notch use of talent. JB is with a tumbler backstage and Robert Irvine is making food. The roster talks about the turkey bowl being a chance to enjoy good food and competition. Eli and Chris Adonis cut a promo on mashed potatoes. Eli names the turkey bowl after himself and Eddie is the captain of his team. Fantasma is on the opposing team. We get an Allie video and more of JB with Eli.

Alberto talks about how he loves Thanksgiving for his family. We get clips of the 2011 Turkey Bowl match. Allie talks to McKenzie having to avoid losing here so she can do well in the knockouts title tournament. Richard Justice says he’s worried about the turkey suit being tight on him. The roster talks about what they’re thankful for. LVN is added to the match and does turkey gobbles. We get clips of Robbie E facing Grado last year for the turkey bowl.  Fallah Bah is on the team too. Clips of DDP hitting the cutter on Raven air as a Pluto clip. Chris hypes up his team, whlie Eddie hypes up his team. The teams eat some food and Eli takes credit for everything.

The match itself is pure comedy, with Richard Justice being all over it and being “a man who embodies Thanksgiving” according to JB. He dives on the pile off the apron and they catch him – so Allie dives on the pile. Adonis goes for the Adonis Lock on Eddie, but Eddie cradles him to win and Adonis is forced to wear the turkey suit. Adonis does so and beats up the babyfaces and their food. Eli gets a pie to the face, so yeah, he came off like a total dork here.




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