Impact 12/14/17 Recap – New Knockouts Champion Crowned

Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary prepare backstage, and Rosemary gets a new wacky nickname of “your queen mother”. We see Gail retire as champion and it’s time for a four way with KC Spinelli vs. Sienna vs. Madison Rayne vs. Allie. The winner faces the new champion. Spinelli hits a spinning slam to Madison. Allie gets a wacky double team headscissor and headlock takeover. We get some sloppy covers and breakups. Allie schoolgirls Sienna to win. Sami and Konnan meet later tonight. The Cult of Lee faces Ishimori and Dezmond Xavier. Dezmond gets 2 off a big dropkick. Caleb hits a slick backhand and Lee hits a superkick and a Deadlift German for 2. Ishimori cradles Lee to win.

Storm vs. Lambert is hyped up with Storm’s career being shown. Alberto talks to Petey and Johnny bicker about having to team up later against Eli’s group. We see Gail win at a BFG show in a clip. Jimmy Jacobs chats with Eli and Adonis for a bit. Alberto, Petey, and Johnny come down with Johnny saying that the princess is here. He teases himself as a partner, but makes Kongo Kong the third man. Alberto works over Adonis for a bit before Petey destroys him. Eli is tagged in and eats a crucifix for 2. He goes in against Kongo and Josh talks about how Eli is now on a list with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle with his title reign being over 100 days. Kong dominates Petey before Eli hits a big jumping elbow. Impact flies around onto Eli on the floor before Kong throws Petey in the crowd. Johnny and Alberto brawl and Johnny hits starship pain, but Alberto takes him out and hits a frog splash to win.

LOD comes in and destroys the Harris Twins during a weekly PPV in the Pluto TV clip. Joseph and Chandler Page chat about the ads being a huge success. Chandler wants to be a pro wrestler and says that as a veteran who beat that mid-carder Bully Ray, he recommends he not do it. EC3 hypes up a 3-way for his title before Alberto vs. Eli is hyped up for 3 weeks. Moose and Storm come down and cut a promo on ATT, with Storm is some kick-ass black and red jeans.

Storm puts over Lambert as running a great camp in ATT, but Storm says he sees a big bag of poo poo – resulting in a “poo poo” chant. Storm says he wants Lambert 1 on 1 and Lambert cuts a great promo about how Storm rambles about how much he loves wrestling and the fans. He says if he really loves wrestling, and loves Impact, since he’s been here since day one, he will have to prove it by putting his career on the line. That will happen on the show in three weeks as well..Laurel comes down for the main event and we see her rise to this point before Rosemary’s recap airs and she comes down.

Laurel starts a “Laurel” chant, which actually gains traction. LVN hits natual selection for 2. Laurel eats the upside down Tarantula variant. LVN ties her up and clubs away. Laurel ducks the mist, rubs it in Rosemary’s face and hits a super unprettier and wins it. Sami goes to the LAX compound and argues with Konnan, who cuts a great promo on him. Sami says that OVE is taking over LAX’s territories, so I guess they’re all just drug runners or whatever. Konnan wants a shot at the tag titles because he’s losing money, and if LAX loses, they’re done – so we’ve got two loser leaves town angles going on now. Konnan threatens OVE’s drug clients and Jessica Havok and says that folks would rather work with Spacey before they work with Sami. Konnan says it’s just business before Sami throws fire in his face – well, that was unexpected, and Konnan took a sorta-bump on concrete for all this.

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