DC Comics Universe, Nightwing #35 & Nightwing #36 Spoilers: New Era For Batman’s First Robin With New Top Creative Team! Who’s The Judge?

DC Comics Universe and Nightwing #35 Spoilers follow.

A New Era Begins For Batman’s First Robin With New Rockstar Creative Team Of Writer Scott Humphries and artist Bernard Chang!

The book introduces us to the Judge that Dick Grayson has dealt with before as Robin and as a secret agent to no avail. Some kind of salt water memory or trigger accompanies the memory or the Judge’s direct attempt at telepathic communication with Nightwing?

The Judge is back and in Bludhaven and has no worry about Nightwing coming after him.

We also learn Dick Grayson’s new civilian life job; he runs his own crossfit gym and we meet two of his new clients and presumed supporting cast.

Nightwing #35 ends with Bludhaven’s top cop in The Judge’s thrall…

…shooting Nightwing!

DC Comics Universe and Nightwing #36 Spoilers follow.

The Judge’s powers of persuasion revealed?!

So, Nightwing uses his old circus acrobat training to break his fall from the gunshot to the shoulder that projected him off the roof.

He then heads to St. Jude’s as he wanted to last issue to confront the Judge. He finds a bloodbath by…

…a monk in the Judge’s thrall. Nightwing also has that salt water sensation again.

The Judge is now with the Mayor of Bludhaven; we see how the Judge got to the Mayor by manipulating those around him.

The Mayor admits to corruption, but…

…the Judge needs more of a confession.

Nightwing gets to the Mayor too late; he’s already shot himself presumably under the Judge’s thrall.

Nightwing heads back to his Crossfot Gym and with his two regulars…

…realizes Bludhaven is in for a riot…

…including at the Justice Tree!

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