DC Comics Universe & Beyond Spoilers: Brian Michael Bendis Gets His Own New Curated DC Imprint & A New Home For Jinxworld

DC Comics Universe and Beyond Spoilers follows.

Brian Michael Bendis Gets His Own New Curated DC Imprint and A New Home For Jinxworld

Forbes got the scoop on Brian Michael Bendis’ plans for DC Comics and they are as huge and multi-facted as his announcement of his DC Comics / DC Entertainment exclusive deal. BMB is now the authoritative guiding force for DC for all things Superman and BMB also contributes a big piece to something DC calls DC Nation #0.

Bendis says that there are “Two things are happening that are unique to this partnership and to how comics usually work” and goes on to say:

    • Number one, DC is going to be hosting Jinxworld as a whole.
    • So everything I’ve ever done in the creator-owned world will be coming to DC.
    • They’re going to take my entire library — and by mine I mean the stuff I own with my co-creators and collaborators — from Powers to Jinx, and to Scarlet and others, and we’ll be releasing it all digitally and in print through Jinxworld, through DC Comics.
    • And on top of that, we’ll be debuting brand new material, brand new series that I think will be exciting for the marketplace and for fans, stuff I haven’t tried before and stuff people have been begging us for. We’ll be debuting that all this year.
    • For most people buying the books, they won’t feel any difference. But behind the scenes, this partnership is very different. Marvel was a gracious and very cool about publishing my stuff through Icon, but what DC is doing for Jinxworld is a much more robust partnership.
    • They’re backing it, they’re marketing it, they’re treating it like it’s their books, and I’m very excited about that.
      When people see the size and scope of the ambition, even the most die-hard fans are going to be like, ‘Well all right, look who’s coming through.

Bendis will also contribute to and oversee a new curated DC imprint with characters set in the DC Universe:

    • And number two, I will be hosting and curating an imprint, a custom imprint not unlike what Gerard Way is doing with [DC imprint] Young Animal. It’s going to be a select series of special comics, and we’ll debut what those are later in the year.
    • I’ll be writing some of those and curating the others, but they’ll all be under this imprint and add a very special flavor to the DC Universe.
    • I’m happy to say it will star some of my all-time favorite DC characters in unique situations, and that I could not be more excited for.
    • …we’ll be debuting the new imprint, which will feature both new characters and classic characters. DC has given me the thumbs-up to be as additive in every corner of the DC universe that I can get my hands.
    • Before, I had put my deep love of the DC universe aside just because I didn’t need it for work. But now to open that box and have everything come flying out, the things I love so much from my childhood, from last week, from ten years ago, I can’t wait to dive in and explore all of it.

It is Bendis’ world now at DC.

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