Marvel Comics Legacy & Avengers #684 Spoilers: No Surrender Part 10 Has Return Of The Incredible Immortal Hulk FINALLY Plus A Retcon Of History!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Avengers #684 Spoilers for No Surrender Part 10 follows.

In addition to the startling revelation of who the Voyager really is and her TRUE powers (full spoilers here) Avengers #684, No Surrender Part 10, also has the Return of the Incredible Immortal Hulk FINALLY! Plus some retcons to his story… his history.

The book opens with the usual summary or catch-up page on the story so far plus creators credits…

…followed by the Dramatis Personae.

Then we get the story, well was is termed as the Immortal Hulk prologue, that goes through Bruce Banner’s history…

…showing he always comes back from death…

…whether in Secret Empire…

…and over page…

…after page…

…after page that was hard to comprehend.

However, Marvel ends the book explaining at least where the above weaved together moments in Incredible Hulk history that together form a retconned history for the character and his immortality.

Anyhow, the Hulk is back and a pawn or partner to the Challenger?

The Immortal Hulk gets deployed in the game between the Challenger and the Grandmaster; he takes on the Avengers and wins.

He’s then confronted by a Red Hulk. I don’t believe this is the Thunderbolt Ross Red Hulk, but I am open to be corrected. There are a fair bit of Hulks, male and female, in Marvel so it does become difficult to follow for me.

Remember these ones? Can you name all the Hulks?

Anyhow, the book ends with a look at the covers to the next three issues of Avengers over the next three weeks of No Surrender.

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Immortal Hulk launches in June 2018.

What say you about the return of THE Hulk?

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