Writer Dan Slott Talks Marvel Comics Fresh Start For The Fantastic Four Plus The This Week In Marvel Podcast

Writer Dan Slott is excited to team up with artist Sara Pichelli for an August 2018 fresh start for Marvel Comics’ first family the Fantastic Four. He has been his usual talkative self on social media.

Dan Slott #1:

      This is all a dream come true!

      The first ever super hero comics I ever read were 3 issues of THE FANTASTIC FOUR! If you asked me “What comic do you want to work on after your Spidey run?” THIS was ALWAYS the answer! Could not be happier! And couldn’t be more thrilled than to be working on this book with an artist as unbelievably talented as Sara Pichelli! Just you wait!!! This AUGUST! FANTASTIC FOUR!!!

Dan Slott #2:

      It’s been a crazy (FANTASTIC) day! And I apologize for posting wayyy more than normal and filling up your feeds with all of this FF news! I just wanted to thank ALL the well-wishers for all the lovely comments, congrats, and thoughts about Sara and my upcoming Fantastic 4 run! We are SO stoked about this!!! Promise to give this my all! It’s a book I’ve wanted to write since I was 7 years old– so trust me, I’ve got a lifetime of NOTEBOOKS filled with years and years of FF ideas!

      One of the big lessons I’ve learned between 10 years of Spidey– and the couple of years I did Silver Surfer with Mike– was that on Spidey, I made myself accessible to fans on message boards and social media– for good or ill. And on Surfer, I didn’t. I avoided ’em like the plague. I just focused on the work and the stories I wanted to tell– and avoided a lot of the online snark and negativity, and would only really react to positive feedback and nice comments that came my way.

      And the experience (and I believe the work) was so much the better for it. Soooo… I’m probably going to be taking that approach with both FF and IRON MAN. We’ll put our best feet forward, tell the stories we’re passionate about, stick to our plans, stay on course, and if people like ’em, the books will prosper and we’ll make more. 😉 (So here’s hoping you like ’em!)

      We now return you to your regular FB cat videos and pics of other people’s weddings.

Plus the This Week In Marvel podcast focusses on the Fantastic Four.

      It’s All About Fantastic Four on This Week in Marvel

      Talking Marvel’s First Family with Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli, and C.B. Cebulski!

      Flame on, gang! Get ready for a very special edition of This Week in Marvel!

      In this installment, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski, writer Dan Slott, and artist Sara Pichelli join Ryan for a dive deep discussion about the return of the FANTASTIC FOUR! The group talks about their love for Marvel’s First Family and then the new creative team teases the stories they’re most excited to tell when the new series starts this August.

More here including how to access it.

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