Impact Wrestling 4/19/18 Recap – Johnny Impact battles Kongo Kong

Pentagon vs. Fenix vs. Aries is hyped up to start the show off. Braxton is out with Su Yung to face Kiera Hogan and Fallah Bahh. Braxton works with Bahh, and his offense does nothing to the giant loaf of a man. Bahh hits a Samoan drop before tagging in Hogan, who lands a few flying crosschops to Su. Su takes her out with the spinning fireman’s carry Michinoku driver. Allie and Su brawl for a bit after the match. Rhyno beats Jeff Jarrett in the PlutoTV clip. Konnan and LAX bury Scott Steiner for not having a soul, and Konnan says he’s got no brains or friends now. Konnan says that with Scott, he might be at a gym or stuck at Shoney’s – so you don’t know what you’ll get.

McKenzie asks Jimmy Jacobs what to expect from Kongo Kong, and Jimmy calls her pretty and wonders what that must be like because Kongo doesn’t know how that is and she lives in a bubble. An OVE hype video showcases the entire Eddie vs. Sami saga. Roode vs. Angle is the GWN app match of the week – why not show off current stars instead of showcasing that you had top stars before and don’t have them anymore? KM issues an open challenge and is mangled by Brian Cage and beaten with an F5. Jimmy Jacobs talks about how you’re born and you have to make the most of your time here because one day, you’ll just be gone.

Kongo Kong vs. Johnny Impact is a basic cat and mouse match. Kong gets 2 off a big senton and they fight on the floor. Steps are set up and Johnny gets lawndarted right into the steps on the apron. Johnny comes up bleeding from the mouth and it’s apparently just stopped. The Su Yung vs. Allie saga is showcased. Sydal’s issues with Petey are run down to hype up their match at Redemption. Scott Steiner says that Konnan just carried his bags in the NWO and he and Eli will win the titles at Redemption. Aries vs. Pentagon vs. Fenix is shown from the WrestleCon show – which is a bit odd given that it’s also the PPV main event. Fenix and Pentagon hit a series of double team moves on Aries, and they team up on Areis before sending him outside and Pentagon pins Fenix with the Pentagon driver. The roster cuts promo hyping up Redemption.

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