Impact Recap for 5/3/18 – Rosemary Battles Su Yung

We get a Redemption recap and more of the Eddie Edwards-Sami Callihan saga and then more with Su Yung and Rosemary. Eli comes out and says he’s calling his shot – he’ll cash the tilte shot in for next week’s show. Pentagon comes out and signals that he in fact has zero fear. Kiera Hogan is intereviewed before Tessa Blanchard interrupts her and says that she’s a diamond and she’s better than her. Grado and Joseph Park reunite and Aries talks about Park not helping him on the whole “ring announcer debacle” before pimping DDP Yoga working wonders for Grado. Grado offers Aries jelly beans, which he slaps away much to his dismay.

The Crist Brothers come out to face Fallah Bahh and KM, as an odd couple team. Bahh runs wild with fat guy offense and he does his barrel roll spot, so KM does it too. KM as a wacky babyface is great. KM charges, but a Crist moves and he hits Bahh. They hit a double jump kick and schoolboy him to win. KM chuckles away and Taya vs. Hogan is hyped. Fantasma, Aerostar, and Drago face DJZ, Andrew Everett, and Dezmond Xavier later as well. Moose hypes himself up before Jimmy Jacobs interrupts and Moose tells him he’ll destroy Kongo Kong. Kiera and Taya have an okay little match with Hogan getting a staircase curb stomp before Tessa interrupts. She attacks Kiera and knocks her out with a hammerlock DDT.

A Brian Cage hype video airs and we see him destroy guys in a four way match from Australia. Tornado Claw and a Drill Claw ends it. Drago, Aerostar, and Fantasma are out to face their opposition. It’s lucha rules, and that means we get everyone doing a billion things. Aerostar hits a giant springboard dropkick to Everett. Fantasma locks on a wacky double submission. FANTASMA HITS THE TOPE! The Americans hit triple dives on the luchadores and get stereo 2.5 counts! Everett hits a crazy corkscrew dive before DJZ hits a jumping ZDT on the top rope and wins it. An Impact X Title Ultimate X is shown as the app clip. KM tells Bahh he’ll change his life if he listens to him before they cut away to show a guy attacked backstage with a black and red X on him.

Eddie is shown “last Friday” on his phone at the police station getting picked up by Tommy Dreamer in a Roddy Piper shirt and Tommy won’t accept any kind of apology. Sydal faces Ishimori in a very rushed match. Sydal prevents a dive and knocks him down before hitting the spinning slam and pinning him. Tommy tells him he isn’t the first guy he bailed out of jail and he threw three years of his career trying to beat Raven and he sees Eddie doing that with Sami. Demon Bunny chats backstage and Rosemary tells her to not help tonight. LAX laments the loss of all their drug money without Konnan around. Su Yung is out to face Rosemary. A brawl breaks out until the Undead Bridesmaids attack her, so Allie tries to make a save. Su hits her wacky finisher on the stage and then off the stage through a table. Su puts her in the coffin and Allie laments her loss.

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