DC Comics Universe & Justice League #4 Spoilers: Legion Of Doom Wins As Joker & Lex Luthor Strike! THAT Baby That Powers Gorilla Grodd Revealed & Green Lantern John Stewart Changed Forever?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #4 Spoilers follows.

The Legion Of Doom Wins As The Joker and Lex Luthor Strike!

Plus THAT Baby That Powers Gorilla Grodd Revealed and Green Lantern John Stewart Changed Forever?

Hawkgirl is inside Martian Manhunter and Batman is inside Superman, miniaturized by the Atom’s technology, working to stave off the effects of the Totality on them as they are on their mission to find out what happened to the Source Wall at the end of Dark Nights Metal.

However, the Joker is also small and inside Martian Manhunter and he fells Hawkgirl. At the same time, a mini Lex Luthor in Superman sets off a chain of events that forces Batman to abandon his ship and slip into Superman’s bloodstream.

At the same time, an Ultraviolet Spectrum powered Sinestro destroys Green Lantern John Stewart’s ring and seemingly changes his DNA to only allow him to harness the Ultraviolet spectrum; John Stewart can no longer be a Green Lantern Corps member!

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, at a mystical graveyard of sorts, Gorilla Grodd powered by that mysterious baby confronts The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman!

Turns out that baby is the next generation Turtle, a classic Flash foe, who can now full harness the Still Force the opposite of the Flash’s Speed Force.

The Still Force not only can harness the power of slow, it can cause hallucinations, causing Aquaman and Wonder Woman to fight each other as they thing they are each others prime nemesis: Black Manta and Cheetah respectively.

At the Source Wall, the Martian Manhunter gets a vision…

…the reminds him of a similar vision from the Keep, a new bearer of the collective consciousness and memories of the dead Martain race from Mars as Lex Luthor strikes…

…and takes control of Superman while the Joker does the same for the Martian Manhunter over an unconscious Hawkgirl, but where is Batman to stop Luthor inside Superman?

Back on Earth, Sinestro has a purpose for his classic costume; it can harness and amplify the Ultraviolet spectrum…

…while the Flash unknowningly fuels the Still Force in his battle with Gorilla Grodd unlocking the true power of the Still Force and bringing the multiverse to a… stop?

Sinestro has used the Ultraviolet spectrum to create his own Ultraviolet Corps; not just with John Stewart, but most if not of the Earth’s populace as…

…the mystery surrounding unifying and separating power of the Totality as an enabler or key to the seven hidden forces of the multiverse…


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